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April 20, 2011

I know that blogging has been slow. But, hey, I warned you!


I know I mentioned this in my first vlog, but I've been asked several times why I use the name "Shealynn." It seems to have thrown many of my new friends for a loop, because my real name is not spelled that way.

Long story short, once upon a time I thought I'd start a blog to share my art on. I was trying to be safe on the internet, but I love my name like crazy (thank you, Mom and Dad!) and didn't want to use anything else. So I turned Shaylynn into Shealynn.

Originally, that was the way my name was going to be spelt. However, my parents recognized that people would be likely to say "Shee-ah-lynn" rather than "Shay-lynn..." So Shaylynn it is!

In case you were wondering, Shealynn is NOT pronounced "Shee-ah-lynn." It's still "Shay-lynn."

The whole "its-not-my-real-name-and-is-therefore-safer-online" logic doesn't work for me anymore. Ever since I began working on the Ink and Fairydust magazine, I've decided to use my real name online. It's a good way to "get the word out" for the future-- I hope to be a graphics designer. :) The best way to be safe online is never to give away personal information, which I never do.

I still love "Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe." It's so olde-fashioned and fairylike.

(By the way, do you know what the etymology for Shaylynn is? It means "fairy of the deep pond," or "fairy of the palace." How cool is that? It's way too appropriate).

Does that clear up some confusion? Hopefully? Maybe? Not really...? Bummer. I always do a terrible job of explaining things.

These are just a few of the posts that will begin shooting up around the blog like mushrooms in a fairy ring.

Guess away. ^_^

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  1. Hey, sorry my offer to write a guest post kinda fell through... I've just had a crazy-busy Lent! :-/ I loved all the other guest posts, though!! Have a good Easter!

  2. I love your name too! It's sooooooo pretty. I'm going crazy guessing about all those things! And I can't wait for your ring tutorials.

  3. It's a pretty name, either way it is spelled! Have a good Easter and thanks for adding an awesome comment on my blog!

  4. hi. Your name is very unique & i like your blog
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  5. Haha, I always wondered what Shaylynn meant. I guess your parents picked the right name for you :) Happy Easter!

  6. It's OK, Trina Bina! You know, if you want to, you're still up for that guest post. ^_^

    Elven Maiden-- Bit of a problem with the ring tutorials. This computer doesn't have video editing. Gotta move it to the laptop to edit it, but still expect that video in a week or two!

    Thank you, Gem! :)

    Elsie: I know..... I love love love my name. :) It's funny, Mom and Dad didn't know it meant that until we looked it up when I was 10.

    They just made my name up. Mom's middle name is "Lynn" (I believe a family name) and they liked "Shay", so just put them together.

    Funny story: A couple of years ago, my grandma got big into ancestry. Turns out I have a great-great-great-great-great grandpa/uncle/somebody named "Shea" and that "Shay" has been in the family for awhile.

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