This Makes Me Feel Sad

April 26, 2011

I am a very, very bad blogger.

Over the past few weeks, I completely filled up our computer with files for 15-20 new blog posts, vlogs, Shoppe info, etc. (Dad had to set me up on my own harddrive!).

I certainly had a very productive Lent, and certainly as far as creativity goes! :) Stepping away from my computer time gave me unexpected time for art and school, in addition to more time with the Lord. I am only behind in one subject, math, and I am a full week ahead in History, Literature, and Theology! (This after being behind by 2 weeks in everything!)

All throughout Lent, I continually promised you "great and wonderful" posts coming in the future. I fully intended to write 3-4 posts a week, starting directly after Easter.

I did not expect this week to go the way it is!

I am in a play with a homeschool co-op. Of course, I knew that the play was this week. I knew we had tech week this week.

I totally didn't account for the fact that tech week is more than just tech, we are literally putting the show together in this one week (long story), and once you account for the driving, visiting afterwards, etc, I am spending 8+ hours each day away from home, schoolwork, and (of course!) the Internet.

Not to mention the fact that two different friends are spending two seperate days at our house between rehersals. Even though we homeschool, I've never had friends over during the schoolday. Don't get me wrong-- I LOVE having friends over, but this week it means no free time. Plus, we've got more unexpected things going on the next couple of days. Mom uncharacterically gave me a free pass on schoolwork this week. That worries me. She's usually big on deadlines! :)

Right now I'm functionining on four hours of sleep and a fried brain. Life's really not as bad as I make it out to be. I just get pessimistic when tired. Don't worry if you can't read this post. It just means that I'm a sleeptyper, a zombie of sorts, and I tend to misspell things at 11 at night!

In any case, I wanted you give you a heads-up on why you still don't have any of those awesome posts yet. It's unfair to you, who I've been promising them to! I feel really bad about this, believe me, but blogging isn't the greatest of my priorities at this moment. Next week... I tentatively promise. I'll do by absolute best.

Just to let you know, I've got several custom orders I'm working on in my oh-so-much-freetime, which is where all of my computer time this week is going. One of this is my biggest order ever. I'm excited. :)

I would like to ask for some prayers! Firstly, please pray for the people in a nearby town. Several very large tornados caused huge amounts of destruction (as I understand it, there are well over 2,000 homes damaged). Thankfully my friends there (and their property) are safe-- actually, it is an Easter miracle in my opinion. No one died or was seriously injured, at all by this big storm.

Please pray for the play, which is going much better than it was but still needs alot of work before preformances in 3 days. Also that I can figure out what is wrong with my software (I can't edit pictures or videos!!!).

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  1. I totally sympathize! I go and plan my day so nicely, and then everything goes differently. :(
    Congratulations on the big order! And prayers are forthcoming. I'm so glad no-one has been injured by the storms!
    Happy Easter!


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