The REAL Mythology Issue

April 03, 2012


I love the comments you all left on the "April Issue of Ink and Fairydust" and the notes we got on facebook-- I think we tricked every one of you!

Is it bad if I let you know that the main reason I made the fake issue was to gain a few days' grace time? I meant it when I said that I was behind in graphics work. :) 

(Reading every article, pondering what colors and styles would go with it, organizing the illustrators and photographer, finding public domain photos with high enough resolution, brainstorming new layout designs, and stitching all of that together into a 38 page long PDF... it's like working a part time job! Not that I am complaining-- I'm not! I love doing this!-- but for some reason I feel like I have to justify why I took so long. As if you were staring at me with angry eyes, asking why is this issue late?)

 Of course, I was also strongly motivated by my gleeful maniacal laugh-- MUAHAHAHAHA!-- because I do seriously love little pranks and big goofiness.

And it was great. I've been maniacal-laughing like crazy. First, I tricked all the other editors by sending them an email asking them to please review the final draft for typos. That caught every one of them. :)

I hope you guys caught all the strange references that got tossed into small corners of the magazine-- for instance, Gandalf wrote an article, the Fairy Godmother wants cough drops, and I taught you guys the definition of haplology!

Now for the REAL March/April issue of I&F!

The theme? Mythology! We have a very interesting mix of articles (not the kinds you would expect for a mythology-themed issue-- our writers surprised me very much with some insightful and out-of-the-box articles),  a lovely short story, and much, much more.

As always, I'm going to remind you that I&F is entirely run by teens and young adults like myself, who volunteer many, many hours to put this publication together.

Since we offer it for free, we don't have any money for advertising. You can help by sharing each issue with your friends and family-- post it on facebook, embed it on your blog (there is an embed link under the magazine on our Issuu page, here), email the link, etc. Email us at and tell us what you think about each issue. Tell us how we can improve, and feed our egos by telling us how much you love it. :) lol!

My mom recently complained that it is hard to read I&F on her iPhone, but she doesn't like reading on a vertical computer screen. Unfortunately, the website that we use to host our giant files, Issuu, is not full compatible with mobile devices. However, if you make a free account with Issuu, you can download the full PDFs for each I&F issue and read it at your leisure on iPads, Kindles, and more-- you can even print it out. (We can't offer a print version at the moment because we would have to charge for subscriptions and do all sorts of legal stuff regarding the money.) We're looking for a way to post the PDFs directly onto our website for download without taking up all our server space (which is being graciously donated by Veraprise Inc.)

Oh, don't forget to check out page 18 for the information on our first fiction contest! (I'll post a JPEG of that in a couple of days so you can print it out and share it with your friends and family-- we want lots of entries!)

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  1. JMJ
    Enjoyed this issue!
    The only thing hienously wrong was the statement that General Robert E. Lee of Virginia was on the wrong side. He most certainly was fighting the evil of large, overreaching government. :)
    Just thought I'd let you know. :)
    In Christ,
    Rose of Richmond (VA)


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