How to Wear an Ear Cuff

July 02, 2012

I've had a few people ask how to put on an ear cuff-- here's a quick tutorial.

1. Do not stretch the ear cuff open and pinch it back together on your ear. It will stretch it out of shape and weaken the wire.

 Instead, slide the cuff onto your ear. I prefer to put on ear cuffs from the top of the ear cartilage, because my ear is the most slender there. Gently push your ear into the opening of the ear cuff.

2. Slide it down your ear until it sits comfortably.

3. At this point, use your fingers to gently adjust the cuff until it is snug but does not pinch. After it is adjusted you shouldn't have to loosen/tighten it ever again. Your ear should not be red or get "dents" from wear-- the ear cuff is designed to encircle your ear, not pinch it.

Ears are a lot like fingerpints; they are rarely, perhaps never, the same. (Thank you, Sherlock Holmes, for teaching me this!). My family all have ears like mine, but I've had friends with very narrow ears, friends with larger ears, and friends with ears shaped completely different, and I've had them test out these ear cuffs. They almost always fit perfectly and comfortably. You forget you are wearing them!

By the way... I had my camera out, and ear cuffs out, and wire out... guess what? You'll be seeing a lot of my ears these next few days!!! :) I know, I know, it's only taken me months and months...

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  1. this is such a good idea. I may be able to wear earrings again. I'm allergic to nickel so my pierced holes have closed up and everytime I wore posts I would just be miserable. I'm going to try and make a pair of these and see if I can wear them. Thanks!


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