Giveaway Winner!

July 10, 2012

Wow! This giveaway was a sucess-- so many people entered! Thank you all, and I really wish that all of you could be winners!

The winner of the Slender Elven Jewelry Set is Entry #260, Brenda W. (Contacted via email.)

Now, as to the question I quizzed you with for the mandatory entry:

For those who decided to choose their favorite item, I was surprised and pleased to see that all my various jewelry styles (fantasy, classy, guitar string, etc) were picked as favorites.

Tutorials are definately in store. I've got a more advanced ear cuff tutorial planned for later this week!!! And for those who specifically mentioned book crafts, there are three projects I'm in the middle of. They're kinda taking forever, though!

I was surprised and pleased (again) that you asked for more photoshoots and more in-progress artwork. More coming!

"More arts and crafts" was a big one. Mostly from people who had never seen my blog before, I'm sure, but that's OK! That's what I post the most about here, so you're to see more.

Thanks for the great response about the stationary. As soon as I finish this issue of Ink and Fairydust I'll buckle down and draw some designs.

Any requests for specific designs?

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