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June 07, 2012

Over the past year, I have really been getting into photography. It's all my jewelry's fault... I never took many photos until I started photographing my jewelry. I've already shared some of my recent photography adventures (the book page skirt, Elven photoshoot, etc.) but some of my favorite shots have been from personal photoshoots I did with friends and family. I thought I'd share a couple of cool pictures from them.

I shoot with a Lumix Panasonic that used to belong to my grandparents. (By the way, my Papa takes awesome photos... someday I want to learn to use a camera as well as he does!) This camera ROCKS. I can't do fancy things like depth of field or effects from different apeture settings and whatnot, but it does pretty much everything I really need it to.

This one is straight out of the camera, no editing except the watermark. :)

My brothers. Probably the only pictures of them you'll ever see on the blog; they don't like having photos taken.

But when Mom and Dad force them to be in one of my photoshoots, they sure do go all out to make sure that I get lots of candids.

Me and my sis.

My littlest siblings were all dressed up and taking cute pictures, when we were interrupted by...

The Caped Unicyclist

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  1. These pictures are amazing and even made me giggle. although I am in very few of my family photos, I love taking photos of my family because they are always so entertaining! Keep it up and Keep smiling!


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