Bookish Adventures {part one}

March 14, 2012

Books come to life in your imagination. The stories become a part of you, shaping your view of the world and occasionally making you stand on your head in order to see that your life is not, in fact, mundance and prosaic.

One March dawn, my (very patient) little sister and I journeyed throughout our neighborhood and turned it into our own little Wonderland. Several days before, I had made a secret book box using an unloved Reader's Digest Condensed Book. We used the cut-up pages to create a paper skirt and ran outside before schooltime to do my first "artsy photoshoot."

My point-and-shoot isn't the most reliable when it comes to taking good photos, and I snapped away until my memory card held over three hundred pictures. As it turned out, most of the photos were good, and I loved so many that I'm going to have to split up the photos into several different posts. This is Part One of our Bookish Adventures photoshoot, all taken in a lovely little field. Over the next week or two, I'll post photos from the woods and the creek.

Click on each picture to see a slightly larger version against a black background (the pictures look so much nicer that way!).

{ part of my destroyable books blog series}

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  1. Fun! At first I didn't realize that her skirt was made of book cool!


  2. These are very good. You two make a good team. Tell Addie she did a terrific job as your model.

  3. Awww....what a super fun post and fabulous photos. I really, really liked this. She's a cutie and very photogenic. Nice job.

    Hugs :)

  4. So epic! I cannot wait to see the rest!

  5. What a fantastic idea! Darling photoshoot, too! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  6. Um.......why don't you live near me?!?!? This is exactly, EXACTLY, what I want for my Senior pics. You know, except with me. But honestly, so perfect! Get more up soooooon.

  7. Awww your sister is adorable.

    Hey, Shealynne, I tagged you in a game of blog tag. Come on over and check out the rules? ;)

  8. How cool is this!!! I LOVE it!! :)

  9. I'm glad you all like it!

    Kat-- I KNOW, RIGHT? Tell you what... go and do it, and email me the pictures, I've love to see them. Or do a guest blog post. :) I can email you tips for making the skirt!

    Treksie-- thank you! I'll need to remember to do that tag soon. It's an honor!

  10. Often, I'm afraid, cut-up-book things give me pain, but knowing it was a Reader's Digest Condensed Book makes it okay. ^_^ And it's lovely!

  11. Haha, I only use "destroyable" books. :) I would NEVER desecrate a perfectly good book, lol!


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