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March 04, 2012

My little sister and I went exploring in the park just a little ways beyond our neighborhood. The glorious thing about warm winters is that the temperature is too cold for plants like poison ivy to survive, while still being pleasant enough to go exploring in the lands usually walled off by fortresses of said poison ivy.

We found some beautiful, startling greens and blues in the middle of the brown forest.

My sister is a good photographer, isn't she? (Note that I'm not posting the blurry ones...)

We both agreed that the creek was like a dreamy fairy river.

I love fancy little girl shoes with lacy socks. (She was still in church clothes).

But most of all, I loved watching her little gymnast feet flouncing across vivid periodot moss.

She wants to make a fairy costume and go out for a proper photoshoot sometime. I full-heartedly agree.

And this is my latest photography adventure. :)

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