I'm Having a Wrist Party

March 25, 2012

Have you heard of wrist parties? I just found out about them from a fashion blog; they are what you call a wrist full of tons and tons of bracelets.

I decided to have a wrist party, too, and put on all some of the new bracelets I've made-- and they are all made with used guitar strings. :)

Have you done a wrist party recently? I think it's a really cute idea and would love to hear about your favorite "wrist party."

I try not to post about my Shoppe stuff all the time because I, at least, personally find it annoying when bloggers talk about nothing but the stuff you can buy from them.

But since this is the only way I'm currently making money, and since I've recently made a ton of jewelry and listed it on my online store... I have an announcement: You can buy these!

Go check out my Shoppe! Over the past two weeks I've slaved away and have listed 40 new items (WHEW. Listing the jewelry takes almost as much energy as making it!).

I won't post them all here right now, but in addition to guitar string necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, and rings, there are some Elven jewels, a medieval circlet, custom rings, and more. The guitar string jewelry can be found under the "Novelty" tab, alongside steampunk and other geekery.

Oh, yeah, I'm also having a FINGER PARTY, baby! *cue the rock music, because wearing lots of bangles and rings makes me feel uncharacteristically like a rock star*

(No, I've no idea whether finger parties are a thing. If they aren't, I just invented them.)

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  1. Super fun! I rather like the rings. :)

  2. Oh, Shaylynn. How I love you. And your wrist party. And your finger party. And your (oh-so-tempting) Shoppe. By the way, sad news: I lost my rosette ring! Really, really lost it this time. My finger feels naked. :( Still, it's a testament to what a good job you did that it didn't wear out after a good ten months of constant wear!

  3. aaaand I know what I'm making my niece and nephew for Christmas. Great idea!


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