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March 12, 2012

I found these pictures in a folder from last summer. Almost an entire year ago.

I was experimenting with making ear cuffs-- I probably made a good twenty different prototypes. That summer was pretty awkward for my friends, because immediately after saying "Hi!" I would stare intently at their ears. Anyone who visited me was forced to try an ear cuff on to see if such-and-such design would comfortably fit her ear.

The majority of my friends don't have peirced ears, and they went along with my eccentric idea patiently. Ear cuffs are a super-cute option for people who don't have piercings.
I actually discovered that I had posted about ear cuffs some three years ago, right at the beginning of this blog (ohmygoodness, I can't believe it's been three years... I was around 14 when I started this blog!!!). You can see it HERE.

I came up with four different ways of making ear adjustable ear cuffs. I even took photos for a tutorial. Most unfortunately, the majority of these pictures won't open; the files are corrupted.

BTW, I was first introduced to the idea of ear cuffs by Thyme2Dream, a lovely shop that sells all sorts of fairytale jewelry.

This is the most complicated ear cuff I made. I was so incredibly proud of this design. It was created to go with my Elven costume. Elf ears! With no weird latex or plastic or "ear sleeves!" Just wire and beads an TONS of patience and experimentation.

Imagine my dismay when I saw a similar design on Pinterest last week. Someone else had my lovely idea and actually did something with it, rather than letting the prototype gather dust and the pictures sit buried on a harddrive. Oh well, good for them.

Anyway, I obviously never went anywhere with the ear cuffs. But I plan to. Right now I'm insanely busy with tons of other projects, but as soon as I have time I plan on making bunches of these to put on my Shoppe... and I'll probaby make tutorials for y'all, too. :)

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  1. I would Love for you to make a tutorial for the earcuff. I'm really interested in making some. :D

  2. Your blog is just adorable! Love the fiary-ness and magical feel.
    Totally going to find you one etsy now.... :)


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