5 Pieces from Art Class

March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I know I should probably have made some little Irish craft... or at least drawn some new celtic knotwork, considering that that is my latest obsession, but I didn't. So if you want something nice and St. Patrick's-y, go look at my big calligraphy project from awhile back.

I started my first ever true art lessons this past fall. Each week we work with specific mediums or styles, but other than that my teacher pretty much gives me free reign (although the moment I ask for help she always has some good critiques!). I finally have a dedicated hour each week for art-- a lifesaver for a busy teen!-- and have really been stretched with these new challenges.

 Here are some projects from the last several months: 

A scratchboard of Aslan. This was really fun, and I love the final effect. The particular scratchboards we used are metallic paper ones, and unless you find the "perfect" angle of light (like I did for these photos) you can only see part of the image at any time.

Scratchboard is basically a technique where you scrape off an ink or paint to reveal the paper underneath. I'm going to make some of my own using gesso and india ink this week. :)

Pointillism. Lots of dots. Way too many dots, and a pen that blotted all over the place. I wound up coloring it in with black watercolors. I wasn't too thrilled about the technique (I am not patient about this sort of thing), but once we put the picture in an old mat I thought it looked somewhat pretty.

Paint in general is still relatively new to me. This is a watercolor painting of two eyes, done in two hours. Once upon a time I was wonderful at realism... I need to get back to it. These eyes just wouldn't cooperate.

But when you aren't trying to be realistic, it doesn't matter if the eye is funky. This is something I would have never attempted on my own, and while I still think it's weird, I'm glad we did it in class. Because weird doesn't always have to be bad, and it's SO MUCH FUN to splash paint on paper and just watch it splatter. It's the same joy you get when knocking over a tower of blocks. 

Another watercolor, from my imagination and built out of memories of the climbing tree at our old house. This is Robin Hood and Maid Marian in what is supposed to be an Arthur-Rackham inspired style. 

Sneak peeks at two unfinished projects

An oil painting. I started it in class way back in November, making it my second oil painting. However, I was being too nitpicky and decided that I wanted to continue working on it. By the time it's done (hopefully this week), it will be my fourth finished oil painting. 

Linoleum block printing. Let's just say that this is the coolest technique EVER. Unfortunately I left my good prints at art class and won't get them back for two weeks, so you'll have to wait until then to see how it turned out. (It turned out awesome!).

(linking up at Sunday Sketches)

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  1. Wow! You have some fantastic skill here. I love your stuff!

    I'd be interested in how to make your own scratchboard. Any chance of a short tutorial on how to do that?

    Now I'm off to look for your RSS feed so I can subscribe. I want to see more of your fantasmo art :D

    Best wishes,

  2. Love all of these! Why don't you like your painting of eyes in the brown tones? Looked perfect to me. *Shrugs.* Anyway also loved your other eye with the splashes of color. That's a technique I want to get into more--using watercolors the way they were meant to be used. Also that scratch out art of the lion--wow. Fantastic detail.

  3. wow- your scratchboard lion is gorgeous - great artwork to share with us today!

  4. Wow! is right ~ You have been busy and all your art work is great ~ especially love the lion ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  5. Beautiful work! :)

  6. wonderful to see all your pieces and how very different they are from one another. the watercolor splash eye is lovely. Aslan is gorgeous and i love maid marion etc. wonderful piece.

  7. Oh my shaylnn! Your pieces of art are beautiful! I especially LOVE the Aslan and the "bleeding" eye picture! So pretty! Please post more of your art work, I Love seeing it!!f Miss you!

  8. I like weird! You have great talent - so great to get to know you through Sunday Sketches.

  9. Wow, love the lion...some beautiful work you've done.. :)

  10. Great pieces. I love them all but the lion is my favourite. VERY well done and thank you for joining us. :)

  11. gorgeous pieces! in particular love the eye

  12. The eye with the watercolor splashes is so cool! And the Aslan is amazing.

  13. Great to get to know your blog through Sunday Sketches and great to see the scratchboards.... I used to love that stuff and you have done a great job.... I am thinking I need to hunt some out for a play later...xx

  14. Wow!!, so many different techniques and beauties you have here! Love them all. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Beautiful work!!1 Love the lion and that eye!!!!

  16. Lots of amazing work here. Aslan and the watery eye I especially love.

  17. Thank you everyone! Thanks so much. :)

    Liz-- I'm trying the DIY scratchboard this week. Right now I've got one drying and plan on scratching it tomorrow. I'll definately do a blog post once I've done a bit more experimenting.

    LOL, I'm surprised at how many people like the neon splashy eye painting. I was never quite sure of it myself, since it's not *my style*, but it's growing on me. :D

    Off to visit the other lovely artists at Sunday Sketches, it sure it a great blog linky!

  18. wow you are productive! love the eyes, the studio, Robin Hood is wonderful and of course Aslan!


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