French Revolution Gown Photoshoot

August 08, 2012

One day I was visiting with a long-missed friend, and forty-five minutes before she had to leave we did a photoshoot of her in her gorgeous French Revolution style gown. My papa's loaning me his amazingly awesome SLR camera and this was the first photoshoot I did with it. Here's a sampling of pictures:

Just look at the gorgeous details on this gown! I remember her showing me the fabric rolls before starting the sewing project and sighing a little bit inside when I felt the silkiness of the silk (um, no pun intended?) and the detail of that lace.

We tried out best to avoid the poison oak in the woods. Actually, I'm used to just tramping through the stuff (I've only reacted to poison ivy). Maneuvering through the poison oak and thorn bushes in a big skirt... it's not an easy task!

Everything was so much greener before the drought. :/

These two are some of my favorites, although technically they are not the best. I'm still getting used to SLR cameras and in neither photo was the focus completely on her face! 
She's a very joyful young woman, don't you think? :D

This unedited shot simply had to be shared... I accidentally let go of a branch and it swung into the frame! 

Thank you so much for letting me share a few pictures from your photoshoot, dear friend! 

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  1. That is gorgeous! I do love revolutionary-era gowns.

  2. Oh my goodness! The gown is beautiful! And she makes it even more so!

  3. The constant question of my life: why oh why don't we live close enough to each other to do stuff like this?!


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