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August 21, 2012

The St. Louis Catholic Writer's Guild was featured in the St. Louis Review, a publication of the Archdiocese of St. Louis!

Yes, I know, you're wondering what I'm doing at a Writer's Guild. I'm an artist, right? Well, writing is still one of my passions (I wrote a novel when I was 13! It's absolutely horrible!). I do a lot of writing, although I rarely post it online-- multiple essays and articles each week, along with fiction stories written with friends-- and I would do much more if I didn't set artwork as a higher priority during my free time! However, the Guild is not just for writers. We've had wonderful discussions on the role of faith in any creative outlet and since I'm wanting to study graphic design in college, I enjoy listening to them talk about the publishing process.

So, once every two months I drag two of my friends down to this cute coffee shop for the Writer's Guild meetings! We're the youngest, but that just means that we get to learn from everyone else's experiences! Unfortunately I haven't been able to attend as often as I would like (things like SAT exams and visits with my cousins always seem to happen on the same day as the meetings). The reporter attended the July meeting and spoke with everyone in attendance.

She then called me for an interview since there was not a lot of time at the actual meeting, and she was so sweet that my nerves calmed down pretty quickly.

 (I have a very hard time understanding people when I can't read their lips and body movements, or at least know what color their shirt is-- yes, that's a little weird, but... yeah. When my cell rang with an unknown number and I realized it was her, my heart starting doing a little giddy dance. I just knew that I would flounder and ask her to repeat herself a million and one times. However, she was really easy to talk to!)

I was worried that I'd sound strange in the article; after all, talking to someone on the phone doesn't give you a ton of time to plan out what you're going to say! But it's a neat piece and I am so honored and humbled to be a part of the Writer's Guild and that we were featured in this newspaper!

They asked me to bring some artwork to the meeting, and the photographer snapped several pictures. Then, they went and printed my Phoenix painting full-page! I'm honored, humbled, and a little overwhelmed about that!

The only thing is that there were only three of us who were really featured; there are several more people in the guild and they are all really nice and great writers.

I just wanted to say thanks to Ms. Brinker for writing the wonderful article (which you can read online right here), and I hope that more people will find out about the Guild and join in the fun!

There are a few shout-outs in the article, so here are the links: A Plan for Joy in the Home by Laura Dominick, Regina Doman's awesome fairytale-retold YA novels, Mater et Magistra magazine, Gilbert Magazine, and Ink and Fairydust. And, of course, the St. Louis Catholic Writer's Guild and the St. Louis Review newspaper.


Speaking of Gilbert (which is an awesome magazine, by the way), I don't think I ever shared the second Chesterton doodle that I drew at the Chesterton Conference and which they published! G.K. just looks like the perfect kind of guy to be riding a unicycle, doesn't he?

(The first doodle is here)

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