Eowyn Inspired Necklace

November 12, 2012

HAMA: There is Éowyn, daughter of Éomund, his sister. She is fearless and high-hearted. All love her. Let her be as lord to the Eorlingas, while we are gone.

THEODEN: It shall be so. Let the heralds announce to the folk that the Lady Éowyn will lead them!

~J.R.R. Tolkien. Chapter VI: The King of the Golden Hall (The Two Towers, Book Three)

Eowyn is one of my favorite characters in The Lord of the Rings. She's such a strong shieldmaiden, a woman who has gone through so much and still remains truehearted, and her love story with Faramir is one of my favorite romances of the epic. It's a pity they left so much out of the movies!

I wanted to make some jewelry inspired by Eowyn and pulled this screencap from The Two Towers for inspiration. The circlet she wears at Theoden's funeral was my starting point.

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Eowyn doesn't wear much jewelry; here's the necklace and earrings that she wears in most scenes:

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I wish I knew how to cast metal and had the tools to solder precious metals... I'd love to make something like her necklace some day!

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It's hard to find good-resolution pictures of Eowyn's crown, but I just came across this one from an eBay listing. As it turns out, my necklace doesn't look much like her circlet.

This torc-like necklace is nonetheless inspired by Eowyn.

It's made with raw copper braided into a loose band and attached to a hammered wire. I obviously can't make flowers like the ones on Eowyn's circlet-- which look like gold with and aquamarine/sapphire inlay-- so I went with tiny teal leaf beads to imitate the star/flower design.

I had just enough beads left over to make some matching earrings. 

(This is just a small part of the SIXTY new items that I've uploaded onto my Shoppe over the past several days. The circlet is here and the earrings are here. There's a free shipping code over at my fb page that lasts until Sunday, and it even applies to the bigger, heavier items.)

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  1. JMJ
    That is SO. GORGEOUS.
    In Christ,

  2. Beautiful. Can you add a link on here to browse the rest of your items? I am on my phone and searching for your shop on a mobile device is tedious.

  3. Sure, the main page for my shop is:


  4. I. Am. Dying. This is quite possibly my favorite piece and set you have ever made. It's perfect. Everything about it is absolutely flawless. Add to that the fact that it's (oh-so-clearly) inspired by my favorite character in my favorite book, and...well...serious coveting. Serious.


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