Seven Quick Takes Friday

November 16, 2012

— 1 —
 By the way, guys, BY THE WAY, I am a finalist in The Hobbit Design Contest! This means that I advanced to the last level of judging, and do you know what this means? JOHN HOWE and ALAN LEE and RICHARD TAYLOR looked at my artwork!!!

(These three are the seriously talented artistic masterminds behind the Lord of the Rings movies. Howe and Lee are concept artists, Taylor heads Weta Workshop. I've been huge fans of their work ever since I was a young girl home sick, watching the extra features on the LotR DVDs. You can't imagine how much I'm bouncing off of walls).

I've no way of knowing if I "passed" or not-- they aren't announcing the winners yet-- so I'm not getting my hopes up, but the simple fact that I'm a finalist is HUGELY awesomesauce.

From the Dragon's Hoard by Shaylynn Rackers. Blog post about it here.

— 2 —
I want to strangle the person who told me that the senior year of high school is not as bad as junior year. Maybe this goes for people who attend regular schools, but the homeschool curricula I am using just upped the ante. I'm swamped. (Tell me you read that in Prince Humperdink's voice!).

Plus, I have finals in my chemistry class soon. Sitting in a classroom again, even if it is for college lectures, is weird. It takes so much time ohmygoodness.

I'm starting to like math again. Don't tell my mother. I'm doing not-really-calculus this year (half of it is far more advanced college algebra and trig, the other half is typical calculus).

In other news, I actually did well on my standardized tests and qualify for a good state scholarship. My choice just gets harder and harder. Do I go to an awesome, albiet expensive, liberal arts Catholic school? Or a good state school where I'll incur practically no debt?

— 3 —
School again-- do you know how hard it is to write scholarship application essays without sounding pretentious? "This is why I'm awesome and a good student and this is why you should give me money/let me be a part of such-and-such program, and by the way my ego isn't as big as it sounds from this essay."

— 4 —
I was sick last night so I doodled a tree. And I found an old paper plate with leftover watercolors, so I wet the paint and colored in the tree.

— 5 —

Autumn is such a lovely season... but once November came in full swing, it brought along brown trees and headcolds. Here's some snapshots of the lovely fall colors! We've also had some spectacular sunsets, but I have always been heading to or from class and never got the chance to photograph them properly.

(ooooh, look, I discovered double exposure!)

— 6 —

My family is rather large compared to your typical American family. We have six kids, and no one from my class can seem to wrap their mind around that. They stare in shock and ask me if I like it!

For the record: my siblings are the most obnoxious little monsters in the world, and I love them to death. I think my family is one of the strangest ones I know of-- we are all geeks, and love to hang out, and tease each other quite rudely but it's all playful (my dad is particularly good at teasing...)-- and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Sure, being part of a large family can be stressful and my lifestyle is a lot different from small families... but I just don't get why people always respond with shock! It's like, gasp! Six kids! I wonder what they'd think about some of my best friends' families, with an average of eight or nine kids... heehee

I also wonder what they'd think if I told them that we are having some fifty family members over to our house for New Year's, and that we get together at least twice a year, and that normally it's at Grandma's house, where sleeping bags underneath the dining room table is prime real estate because no one can trip over you!

— 7 —

I've fallen in love with tea. It is so delicious and makes me feel so British-- "Oh, I'm going to just go get myself a cuppa tea to survive through my literature readings." "Got to go fetch some tea to cheer me up and soothe my sore throat..."

I don't usually add any sugar or cream, so I can drink three cups a day and not feel guilty at all!

By the way, my newest favorite tea is Spiced Chai rooibos brewed in apple juice. Yes, brewed in juice! It's brilliant! I've also been told to try making ginger tea in bubbly water with a dash of lime...

Have a great weekend, guys! 

P.S. Don't forget that I've got a free shipping code for my Shoppe until Sunday: the code is  CGEEGFXDDJ-G4Z36T3E2Z 

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  1. Okay, so I have several things to say:

    1.) SQUEAK! That is SO COOL that you're a finalist! I'll bet you're freaking out over the thought that those epic LotR guys saw your work.

    2.) I hate making life choices. They're awful, aren't they? Phhhht.

    3.) Hahaha! I know what it's like to have a huge family. I mean.... I'm only 17 and I already have 11 nieces and nephews. And counting. *giggle* And then I sit there while people ask me stupid questions like, "Can you remember all their names?" It's like... really? lol...

  2. That is so cool that you're a finalist! Your art is amazing.(:

    My senior year was waaaaaay harder than my junior year too...I wonder if it's a homeschool thing, haha.

    Those choices are so hard. If I had decided to go to school within my home state, I wouldn't have had to take out as many loans, and I would've gotten more financial aid as well. However, the schools in my state are not the best and they wouldn't have offered the learning environment I wanted. So I ended up applying to an out of state Christian university, and went the online route so I could stay close to home. It's great, but the downside is definitely the cost. The upside is that the teachers are all great and so is the course work. So on the end, you have to really go with what you think will reap the most benefits in the long run.(:

    I love that double exposure shot! :D so cool!



    The comments I get about our family are just so ridiculous sometimes. :P Usually it's only the older people who are rude, most of my peers are just curious.
    Although the question about remembering the names of your extended family is somewhat reasonable-- I'm on the older end of the cousins and we get together very frequently, so you'd think I'd know everyone's names, but I still get the babies mixed up. (I have 32 cousins on my dad's side).

    Vicki-- life choices are so hard... How is doing college online? Is it harder without the professors actually being there?
    I just wish money wasn't a problem, but unless I pull a full ride scholarship there is no way that I can go to the private college-- even though I love the learning atmosphere. If I go to school in state I'll basically have only room and board to pay for.

  4. congratulations!
    You are very talented , beautiful work!

  5. congrats on your beautiful drawing being a finalist!

  6. 1.Wow wow wow! Congratulations Shaylynn! That is so awesome that you are a finalist, and you deserve it so much! Do you like swoon whenever you think of those three looking at your work? (and yes John Howe and Alan Lee and Richard Taylor are household names here too - don't you love to imitate RT's accent?) Have you floated back to earth yet? 2.Does the Catholic school have hard core sciences? (that you love - I won't tell your mother) 6. Families of geeks are the best. ha! 7. You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. ~C.S. Lewis

  7. First off I am SOO sorry I've been horrible about commenting. I know, its been MONTHS since you've heard from me. Sorry :( I'm not sure when I started following you but heres a mind freshner; I'm just 15,I'm a homeschooler, I'm a Whovian (Doctor Who Fan) a bookworm, and an actress. I have way to much fun being Beyond Crazy. What about you?

    Oh I have a big family too. 9 sistes one brother. I'm an older sister to four and a younger sister to 6. :D I also am an aunt to 11 nieces and nephews. I have 100 FIRST cousins. Yeah. We're a big, Italian Catholic family. And we are all crazy. *wink*

    I love tea too. I like coffee in the morning and tea at night. With a banana :)

    :-o the LOTR guys saw your work? EEP!! YAYAYA. I love LOTR and your pics were brilliant. I'm very excited for the Hobbit :D December 14th...OH YES

    Tonight I am planning to sit back with my Whovian sisters and watch a few Doctor Who episodes in honor of Doctor Who Day. Do you like Doctor Who?

    God Bless


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