The Prop Replica Weapons from "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit"!!!

February 27, 2013

Major image overload post! This one is for my geeky readers who, like me, have to see ALL THE PHOTOS if The Lord of the Rings is involved.

Gandalf the Grey's staff, Orcrist, Andruil, Glamdring, Gandalf the White's staff, and Sing at the bottom. Kili's weapon is yet to arrive!

A few months ago, I won in the Weapons category of an art contest for my favorite series of all time (Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit) judged by three of my favorite Tolkien-artists of all time! The prize is prop replica weapons from the movies! And they finally arrived!!!

(If you want to see more of the picture, see my old posts here and here).
I will be doing a more detailed description of all the swords and staffs down the line and will probably do many themed photoshoots. For now, here's enough snapshots to fill Smaug's lair to the brim!

When the boxes finally arrived after weeks of waiting, I had to wait three whole hours for Dad to get home from work. It was torture, staring at the boxes without opening them!

When we finally got them out of the boxes-- AHH! They are gorgeous, very accurate and honest-to-goodness swords. I now have a lot of respect for any warrior (or actors) who lugged around heavy swords all day!

We were all too caught up in the moment to bother with cameras much, but here's some of my family geeking out with me!

All of the swords came with these beautiful wooden plaques to hang them on the wall. The staffs have smaller resin and metal ones.

My favorites are Sting's plaque (top right, with the celtic knotwork and Fellowship brooch leaf) and Andruil's (bottom right, with the tree of Gondor). Orcrist (top left) has the same design has the hilt of the sword-- it's the emblem of the Gondolin king to whom the sword used to belong.

Thus far, I've only been able to do one quick impromptu photoshoot with two of my friends, but I know how much some of you have been looking forward to seeing the swords, so I'd thought I'd share this now! I have plans to do a costumed photoshoot sometime down the line and to get nice close-up photos of the swords and staffs (without fingerprints all over them), but that will probably have to wait until spring.

Isn't her hat cute??
It was freezing and none of us had planned on being outside taking photos, so if we look a little pale and red-cheeked, that's why. :)

Here I am, holding Orcrist, the "goblin cleaver" which was a Gondolin Elf sword used by Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit. If you aren't a Tolkienite, none of that made sense to you. If you are, OHMYGOSH isn't it cooooool?! :)

Detail of Orcrist.

We all geeked out. A LOT. Seriously-- we were holding swords from LotR and the Hobbit. What is there to NOT get extremely excited about?

This beautifully engraved sword is the replica of Gandalf's trusty blade Glamdring.

Gandalf's staff even has the "G" rune carved into it.

This sword is Anduriel, Flame of the West, the sword of the Aragorn the King of Gondor. Forged from the shards of Narsil, "Renewed shall be blade that was broken / the crownless again shall be king" and all that-- THIS IS ANDRUIL and it is HUGE and heavy!


The runic engraving says, in Quenya, "I am Anduril who was Narsil, the sword of Elendil. Let the thralls of Mordor flee me."

My brother, the Hobbit.

Thanks to a completely obsessed family (I must admit that I am not the most die-hard fan compared to my tween/teen brothers), he is a true Tolkienite. I kid you not. He loves Middle Earth. Yesterday I was wearing a golden skeleton key on my necklace and he came up to me, fingered it, and said in his cute five year old accent, "One key to rule them all! It's a prrrrrecioussss!" He then pestered me to read him "That funny poem that goes 'Troll sat alone on his seat of stone'!"

When I am geeking out because I won an art contest and now own actual prop replicas from my favorite movie trilogy of all time (and it's 'prequel'!), it is very difficult for me to keep a straight face. I also don't do well in front of the camera. Lots and lots of classic "Shaylynn pictures" ensued. :P

The cloak which made my friends look like Elves made me look like a Jedi.

Above is a photo of me holding Sting the 'letter opener'! It's very difficult to imagine an accurate size for Hobbits until you are holding a to-scale knife that is a long sword for Bilbo and Frodo.

Also, I was so very serious. Don't you totally see the resemblance to the warrior-like Bilbo Baggins?

Yeah, I thought so.

I can't help it, I'm too excited!


My little brother kept photobombing our pictures!

While I was in the process of writing this blog post my little sister came and offered to take pictures of me "all dressed up like Eowyn or Arwen or somebody"! I need to teach her how to hold the camera steady but we had fun in the snow! 

(This is our first sledding-worthy snowfall of the season and we've spent countless hours riding down the hills. It's heavenly!)

I only used Glamdring for these shots because it was way the heck too cold to stay outside long enough in order to pose with multiple props.

I think you've seen more photos of me in this one blog post than I've ever posted before. :P

I promise that I'll take detailed close-up shots of the swords sometime soon!

Still I am a bit in shock-- the honor of winning in an art contest, and the extreme awesomeness of the prize... eeeeeeeek! 

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  1. AAAAH! I'm so jealous! Those are absolutely brilliant pictures! Oooh, the swords are gorgeous, and the staffs are to DIE for! I would totally have gone all fangirl and danced around with ALL my swords. I wouldn't have shared, either, so you're nicer than me. :D

    You must be absolutely over the moon with joy. Thanks for posting all the pictures. I LOVED LOVED LOVED them so much! :D :D :D

  2. Reading your post, le me, turning turning green with serious jealousy.... Holy COW! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! You deserve them... your drawing was incredible. :)

  3. I've been doing some serious name-dropping about you to all my nerdiest friends the past few weeks. I feel like I know a celebrity! So proud of you. :)

  4. Ok, yea, I'm jealous. I've always wanted a sword. But a LOTR sword? That's even better!

    I just wanted to say, your little brother is so cute. My little siblings don't know nearly that much about the story.

  5. ARGH!!!! ME WANT REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing props - weapons - staffs - which you are going to send to me asap...;-)

    Congrats on your amazing drawing winning the contest, and getting those AWESOME weapons!!!

  6. eeshaslkjdfhgnjdnvsdfnsdjkAAAAAAHHHHHHH. You have. Swords. LOTR swords. *hyperventilate* It's like. A SWORD. *dies*

    *whimper* I've always wanted a sword. *whimpers again*


  7. words. YOU ARE SO LUCKY, YOUNG LADY. Agh. They're all so gosh-darn GORGEOUS! I especially love's that hand the swords on the wall.

    Congratulations! It must be so amazing to OWN these things!

  8. 1) DRAWING? EPIC. *high-five* good for you

    2) getting really jealous by picture three

    3) I own Sting. I LOVE IT WITH A PASSION.

    4) I think your blog is brilliant. So are your pics. Would you check out my blog? I'd love to hear from you

    thanks - and I really enjoyed this post

    God Bless

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  11. How did you buy it? did you order it?

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