A Copper Grecian-style Headpiece

March 06, 2013

There is something so yummy about warm copper, crisp pewter, and bubbly cream freshwater pearls, isn't there? Or is this just me? It's probably just me, but the flavor is almost as palpable as the colors. I've decided that I don't use copper and bubbly freshwater pearls nearly as much as I should!

This is a custom piece I recently made for a bride who wanted a Grecian-style headband set made out of copper!

It was a rushed order so I used the odds-and-ends from my bead stash for the fascinator part. This always forces me to be extra creative about what kinds of beads go together. The dress is a blush with hints of pewter in it, and I wound up using many more gray and blue tone beads than I normally would in a copper piece. I think it works!

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The headbands are designed to be worn separated on the head with a messy bun. To the right is the hairstyle that the headpiece will be worn with!

They are thinner than most of the braided circlets and headbands, as I used 20 gauge copper. It is designed to accent her hairstyle rather than overwhelm it. Copper is stiff enough that the headbands will hold their shape on their own but I imagine that she will use bobby pins or ribbon to make it extra-secure on the day.

After taking these pictures we decided that a patina (basically oxidation that makes the copper look older, less shiny, and more rich) would be the perfect finish!

Aaaand, I randomly stuck the main headband onto my cloche hat. I kind of want to make one of these for me now, so that I can tie it onto my hat with a nice poofy ribbon in the back and be all fancy! :)

Pieces like these are so much fun to work on. ^_^

P.S. I have a cool tutorial coming up in the next few days (hopefully)! There has been so much to do lately that I haven't had a chance to finish up with the pictures, but I promise I'm going to blog about something other than custom orders soon. :)

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  1. It's not just you, Shaylynn. I love copper, and pewter, and pearls, but never would have thought of putting them together. It's a lovely combination!

  2. That is GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!! If I ever find myself in the lucky position of being a bride, I may end up calling you and being all like, "So, Shaylynn. I'd love to have a Grecian-Style Headpiece at my wedding. Can you make me one?!"

    Seriously, that is one of the prettiest things I've seen.

  3. Thank you!!! ^_^
    Katrina-- YES. Oh yes yes yes. I loved making this and right now I'm waiting for more copper wire to arrive so I can make something similar!

  4. Challenge accepted. Now all I have to do is find a husband. :)


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