First Awards!

January 30, 2011

The lovely Aquariann passed on these awards to me-- my first ever blog awards! :) Apparently I am a Stylish and Versatile blogger. (Edit: Pink Scarf sent this to me, too!)

I'm now to tag 15 amazing bloggers... This is going to be difficult! I like too many blogs, but I want to tag artsy-craftsy-writing-creative blogs (I tag personal blogs on my own personal blog, which is mostly dead).

And the majority of the craft blogs I follow are the "big blogs" that I'm scared to tag. Heehee. :)

Here goes:

(a friend of mine discovering jewelry-making! very talented)

(ditto!!! and random fact: ElvenMaiden is learning German with me!)

(beautiful fantasy jewelry-- the ones who inspired me to find leaf beads)

(pretty photography)

(modest and vintage-y fashion)
(a blog about fashion and life)

(a friend of mine who writes about life, books, movies, and writing)

(a blog of daily paintings!)

(beautiful artwork)

 Recently discovered blogs:
(I bloghopped around a bit to find some random, creative blogs to tag. Ones I've never heard of before this. It all adds to the fun!)

Waltzing Matilda
(found while searching for a St. Thomas coloring page while babysitting my lil bro. What caught my eye? A LotR-themed birthday party. Eeep!)

A Celtic Cowgirl
(she loves horses, makes jewelry, and draws. 'nough said.)

Artisan of the Shire
(graphics and art, with a blog name to die for)

The Faithful Elven Princess
(another blog title to die for)

Distant Hoofbeats
(got to love the quote on her header! and she love acting, too!)

Ithilwen's Faerietale
(looks quite fantasy-ish!)

(Tagged blogs: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to jump over exploding piles of dynamite, tag 15 people, and share 7 things about yourself. And eat an ice cream cone. If you can't come up with 15 to tag, that's OK.)

(So I spiced up the instructions.... Still, go eat an ice cream cone, it's yummy.)

Alrighty, I usually don't do many tags, so here goes:

I also get to share 7 random things about myself:

I unicycle(Ich bin eine stolze Einradfahrerin!!!)  You already knew that. But what you didn't know is that I got a majorly awesome Nimbus Muni (mountain unicycle/all terrain unicycle) for Christmas. Now for the snow to go away...

Oh, wait... I don't let the snow stop me. It's just the ice...

My feet are very flat and wide. We actually went to a special store to get tennis shoes for me. Men's 9 1/2 6E Wide with orthodics (that's not wide... not double wide... not even quadruple wide... its 6 wide. What is that? Hexa wide? Very wide.). I've had them for two days and they feel funny. Hopefully they'll help. I've never been able to do even half a mile without some kind of cramp or tightness.

I've never been able to wear glamorous shoes. I need a hug. :)

I'm crazy and am doing an intense school curriculum. And I actually like it. Kolbe's Summa. I'm writing a good 2-4 essays a week. Ever wonder why I don't post daily?

I haven't done any paintings for a full year. (Why? We were moving, and my paints make a mess. And I haven't unpacked them yet. There's something called time and it doesn't exist for me.)

When I was little, I used to call my Grandma "That." (or so I've been told)

It drives me bonkers when people gush all over my stuff... I really, really appreciate words of encouragement or *cough* admiration, but I can't stand that oh-my-gosh-you-are-so-amazing-and-I'm-never-going-to-shut-up-about-it-and-hey!-random-person-walking-by-see-what-this-girl-made! *shudder*

I can't sing! Seriously. My range is an octave, if that, and I can't keep a tune. This makes my dreams of acting go waaaaaaay downhill. (I was in Pirates of Penzance once, with the most amazing group on the face of the planet, and I mimed. Yup-- not a peep out of my mouth the entire play long.)

My friend E. (left) and I after the show! My curls died in this picture!

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    1. *blushes* Stylish and versatile blogger! Thank you!! My first ever blog award. ^.^

      When I saw your random fact about having wide feet, my first thought was "LIKE A HOBBIT!!" Lucky!

      And if it drives me bonkers when people gush all over your work, it's a good thing you can't hear me when people compliment me on my charm bracelet. ;)

    2. Thank you so much Shaylynn! I won't have time to do the post till Friday though... I'm pretty busy all this week! (Hehe... I keep making several posts then autoposting them :) )

    3. Oh my goodness, you are in Henle Latin, too? I'm doing that book this year, and I really don't like how the author rants about the Romans and the Gauls.. you know what I mean? :-)

      I have sympathy for you not being able to wear glamour shoes. I have the same problem- very flat, wide, and just plain *big* feet. :P No fancy shoes for me!

    4. Rosemary-- yay for first awards!
      Haha, but I'm waaaay too tall to be a hobbit. But I *do* prefer barefoot.... Hmmm...
      Aww, shucks. *blushes*

      Mary-- no biggie, I actually wrote this post over a week ago; I'm quite big on the whole auto posting, I write two or three posts on the weekend.

      Katie-- Henle! ARRRGH!!!! The whole thing with the Romes and Gauls and battle stragey is beyond annoying, but mostly I just dont like Latin. Probably because Henle cured me if all interest in it...

      Poor you. Let's give each other hugs and cry... It's so sad... Lol! I literally own only five pairs of shies: new NB tennis shoes, my old tennis shoes, a pair of flats, and squish-my-feet boots. :)

      I wonder what I'll do when I have to actually wear dress shoes. I honestly can't fit my feet *inside* any normal shoe I try on, much less get them in there comfortably!

      Ok... Nough ranting. :)

    5. Thank you sooo much for your kinds words and honors! You have a very charming blog here. :)

    6. Congratulations on the awards!Aww I'm sorry to hear about the wide-feet problem. My mom has really wide feet, but my dilemma is that my feet are abnormally small, and I have to wear kid size shoes! Haha that's so hilarious about calling your Grandmother "that." Sounds like your doing a very rigorous curriculum, but good luck! I really like your blog and your jewelry, it's gorgeous ;)


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