Short Break

January 19, 2011

Hello, dear Fairy Peoples!

...I think that nickname is going to stick. If you are reading this right now, please know that you will forever be known as a Fairy Person.
(sinister laugh)

I just wanted to let you know that there won't be any blog posts this week. I have exams. In every subject except Latin and German. Which means I'm spending all my spare time studying.

I'm going to be SO GLAD when I am finished with Livy... I could care less about Roman wars. At least Plutarch's Roman Lives and Shakespeare's plays about Roman people are slightly interesting. People are more interesting than wars. :) And don't get me started on augmented matrices or the moles of polyatomic ions.

Anyways, just letting you know. And maybe you can say some prayers for me that I survive?

On that encouraging note I take my leave.


*runs away screaming about evil little tests*

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  1. Good luck on your exams! I have some of mine, too, this week. :-)

  2. Good luck on your exams! Mine aren't for a while yet, but I know the feeling.


  3. good luck! just did mine this week and have all of them done (except math and chem...)

    YAY! imma fairy person!!!!! xD

  4. Thanks, everyone! Ive finished everything except Chem, which Mom decided to push til Monday. Did pretty well on the other 5 tests.

    Yes! Yes, you ARE a Fairy Person!!! And there is nothing you can do about it!!!


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