Autumn Whispers

October 20, 2010

I normally don't put my photography on my blog (aside from craft photos), but Hannah over at Aspire is having a photo challenge: Falling in Love with Autumn.

She inspired me to take my camera outside this morning... and the rest is history.

Even though few of our trees are colorful, our yard yeilded a plethora of photo ops! I've also included a couple pictures taken at the pumpkin patch Saturday and a few I took on a late September evening. Technically the first photo is going to be my entry. But I'm including all of these because I thought you might enjoy them!


Aspire Photo Challenge

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  1. fantastic! I love the spiderweb! What camera do you use?

  2. Trina-- I use an 11 year old digital camera. It used to be my grandparents'.

    It's... *looks at the scratched up side of the camera* It's an Olympus something. :)

    Just goes to show that the fancier cameras don't automatically take the best pictures.

    Although I love my Dad's fancy Nixon that he got for work... I only got to use it once.


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