Escaping Marble

October 04, 2010

This little fella sure lived up to it's name. Let me explain...

Once upon a time...

     I spent a very long time trying to make this captured marble. I'm pretty sure it hated me. I used a random assortment of rings, all quite munchkin-ier than the rings I used for the Truly Captured Marble.

     The rings were much smaller, which let me make a "window" in the front-- while securely held, the marble was able to move. Whenever I wore it, I couldn't stop fiddling with it. The marble moved. Thus it was named "Escaping Marble." It never really escaped. It only tried to. As I said, it moved. 

     Thus it was doomed to half-escape and moving for a whole month.

     Then I wore the necklace to a dance, got it tangled in my hair, and instead of doing the rational thing and going to the bathroom to untangle it, I yanked really hard. And broke it. Go figure. And now I can't get it back together. Go figure.

And so the marble truly escaped.

The End.

(Thankfully I snapped some pictures before the necklace was doomed to the painful death of yanking.)

In all its pre-yanking glory.

Escaping marble, Captured Marble, and a little trapped bead.

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  1. Aw, that's too bad, but it makes for a great story! It was GORGEOUS before escaping, though :).

  2. How did you make the trapped bead?


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