Captured Marble

July 23, 2010

It took me awhile, but I finally caught that elusive orb, the marble. I have captured it inside of a chainmaille globe, so that its fiery spirit can be forever seen-- but never again shall this marble roll under the depths of the couch, where it was discovered!

I wanted to post instructions for the making of this marbled cage or caged marble, but for me it was simply attempting to get the chain of rings to loop around the marble. It seems straighforward, BUT! marbles love to escape and fly underneath beds.

Here is a picture of how I began (note that I used another blue ring after this).

The marble makes a great necklace:

Or keychain, when I am wearing my Celtic Flower pendant:

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  1. That's really an original way to use a marble in jewelry! You had me fooled there thinking it was one of those green rcks one can find for $2 at a fair.


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