Antique Watch Jewelry

July 16, 2010

60 years old may be retro, not antique... but hey, it looks Victorian and it winds. I have never actually seen a little clock without a battery before. :) I love this little trinket, which I got from Grandma's basement. I made it work, so I got to keep it. I love how that works.

Here it is! At first I thought it was meant to be some kind of wonky pocketwatch, but Grandma said it was a clip to be worn on coat collars. (Interesting...) 

I wasn't fond of the clip part, so I removed it.

Here it is pictured ontop of Grandma's mantilla (head covering), back when Mass was said in Latin. She got it in Spain when she was a teen, and it is so beautiful!

I think it goes quite well with the pretty beads, don't you? You can see that I turned it into a necklace.

I had too much fun taking pictures, even though I'm using the old camera. Here the wtach is pictured on the skirt of a doll (one of American Girl's old "girls of different countries" collection).

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