Washer Necklace

July 12, 2010

I recently made more Washer Necklaces. Here they are, for your inspiration! :)

This was made as a gift for a friend; I used a photocopy of some sheet music as part of the design, because she is an excellent musician.

Here is the other side of the washer and the ribbons. I got the design for the ribbons from the picture below:

I recieved a necklace in the mail from a "forum-pen-pal" of mine; it had a beautiful ribbon and hemp cord. She made a sweet little bottlecap charm to go with it, but it was not quite my style and I rarely wore it. I loved the ribbons so much that I attached an old washer necklace's washer onto it.

I do this alot; mixing and matching bits and pieces of jewelry. I especially do it with pendants. I'm always switching them. :D

Edit: Here is the bottlecap necklace my friend made:


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  1. So adorable! I tried to make some of these, but they didn't turn out as cute as yours! I love the music one, though, I should try to make one like that...


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