Magnet Holders

July 29, 2010

I wanted a place-- a key-holder of sorts-- to hang things on. Why bother buying something when you can make it?

My room happens to be in the basement, and I have a breaker box above my desk. It would be ugly except for the fact that it is magnetic and I can therefore spruce it up. I made my holder magnetic. I'm sure this idea will also work for non-magnetic surfaces if you use tape.

You will need:
1 earring wire
1 small snippet of wire
1 paper flower or other decoration (I punched my own out of scrapbook paper)
1 little square of a sheet magnet
1 glue dot OR some kind of adhesive

Step One:
Thread the wire through the earring and fold it all over itself as pictured.

Step Two:
Put the folded wire on the magnet square and apply the glue dot.

Step Three:
Put your decoration on and stick the magnet on something magnetic! Here you can see that I hung my Fairy Bracelet on my new magnet holder!

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