July 17, 2010

A few days ago we had some families over. Of course, for much of the time I got stuck with the little girls instead of my friends my age (well, some of my friends my age hung out with me and the little girls). That's just the curse of being a hostess. I thought I'd give them some jewelry tips. I helped one girl make some clip on earrings.

The above picture is the creation of 9 year old S. I was occupied with the other girls for awhile, but she simply paid attention to what I was teaching them and made that tiara-- all by herself! I was very surprised when I turned around she said, "Shaylynn, look what I made!"

My good friend G. made this one. The simple elegance is so understated, I love it!

K., modeling the Crown of Stars. K. and I were both actors in Skits at VBS (aka, Catholic Camp). This year was the Glorious Mysteries, and we needed a crown of twelve stars (Revelation... I forget the verse) for Mary's coronation.

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