A Medley of Chainmaille

October 09, 2010

Some of the stuff littering my room...
Chainmaille is addicting. I never knew just how fateful that one day at the Summerfest would be. I saw UnkamenGifts, and was immediately hooked.

I've been working hard on some new chainmaille items. Shown here is most of what I have made (that I still have; I've made and given more!). 

Click to enlarge the image. Which is your favorite? Leave a comment!!!

PSST! I've discovered the secret to getting a good picture of chainmaille!
It's called a scanner. While, as an artist, a scanner is very annoying, it is a lifesaver in the way of chainmaille. Of course, the scans are not very artsy, but boy do they show detail! I'm sitting here grimacing at all the pliers' marks and the half-shut rings.

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  1. I think my favorites are the crosses, but the earrings are all really interesting, too. You really should start an etsy shop or something so I can get my hands on some of this stuff (Lord knows I'd never have the patience to make stuff like that myself!)


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