The Shoppe and a Giveaway!

October 29, 2010

***Please scroll to the bottom for info on the giveaway!***

So, dear friends, I have finally opened a Shoppe. As many of you have been telling me to do for quite awhile. :)

Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe is dedicated towards making fun, unique, and quality items. I specialize in chainmaille, fantasy, and religious jewelry.

But I certainly don't limit myself to that! You'll find an assortment of very random things on my Shoppe, just like you have on my blog. :)

By the way, I absolutely love custom orders. Have you seen something on my blog that you really want? If I've made it before, I can make it again. Have an idea in your head and want to see it come to fruition? Let me know! I love to experiment and make things, but I can't justify spending the money on supplies for every whim of mine-- I need an excuse. :)

 Here are some pictures from my first "batch" of jewelries. 
(Not all have been uploaded to the Shoppe yet, and some are for giveaways).


What does this mean for the blog?

Don't worry. I won't spam you with a new post every time that I list a new item. Once a month I'll include a collage of the various things I have for sale on my Shoppe (see the picture at the beginning of this post).

In the past, I made a new post or two for every item I made. Now that I have a shop and have a "reason" for making a million jewelries... I won't do that.

Every time that I come up with a new design or a great spin on a previous one, I'll make a new post. But if I'm simply making more of the same design, I'll edit the post about that design and make a "gallery" of that design. I'll be sure to let you know when I update posts.

I'm not going to be stingy about how I do what I do. Keep an eye out for new tutorials, tips, and tricks.

And, as always, I'll keep you updated on non-Shoppe projects and hopefully give you lots of inspiration.

(Of course, the start of the Shoppe heralded a new look here at the blog. I hope you enjoy it and have fun with all the new features!)

And now... what you've all been waiting for...

The Giveaway!
In honor of the start of my shop, I am giving away this lovely pair of earrings:

TO ENTER, please leave a comment on my blog post, telling me what you like best about my blog or Shoppe, along with any comments or suggestions. 1 entry, mandatory.

For additional entries:
  • Follow the blog. 1 entry.
  • Fan Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe on Facebook. 1 entry.
  • Post about my Shoppe, blog, and/or this giveaway on your own blog. 2 entries.
Please be sure to leave a seperate comment for each entry, or they will not be counted.

The giveaway deadline is November 10th.

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  1. i love your blog because you have such grate ideas and it's always a surprise to see what you'll do next!!

  2. i am following you on face book as Jessica brown

    ( I guess this is what you ment about leaving a separate comment for each entry)

  3. i just wrote a post about your blog if there any thing you want me to change or add just tell me

  4. And posted about it on my blog! :)

  5. I love your blog because I love seeing all the things that you can make by hand. You do a great job with the tutorials, and I love seeing all the great pictures of everything that you make!!

    ~Maria (Rose)

  6. I follow your site on Facebook.

  7. I like your blog because you post about wonderful items that you make and that I love learning about you as you are a wonderful young lady!

  8. Thanks, everyone. :)

    Who can wait til the end of the giveaway??? :D

  9. I just followed your blog!

  10. My favorite thing about your blog is that is so inspiring to see a teenager making such beautiful and well-crafted things! Half the teenagers I know don't even have a hobby other than taking photos of themselves. Because we live in an age where people will settle for ugly, badly made things because it's easier that way, it's so great to see someone making beautiful quality art! It inspires me to work harder at my crafting. :)

  11. Thank you, R.A. You just made my day... :)

  12. I like your blog because of all the beautiful crafts you make!


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