DIY Book Page Necklace Display

September 01, 2011

Royal Filigree necklace. Find it {here}.

   Once upon a time, in a land quite near you, there was a sixteen year old who made jewelry. She sold the jewelry to make money for art supplies and saving for the big, scary future. She took pictures of the jewelry to put online. She even did a craft fair or two.

     One day, while in the land of A Great Many Supplies, the girl saw a giant tower of shelves-- and upon them were items that she needed: jewelry displays.

     Happily she danced over to the aisle, but her heart fell when she saw the paper tucked inside of the display. Two numbers were writte on it. 2-0.

     For a little cardboard thing.

     Now, that wouldn't do. $20 is a lot. Even with the magic slip of paper that lessened the price... it was too much. So the girl, being learned in the ways of the DIY (do-it-yourself), decided to make it.

Necklace Display Tutorial
You will need:
Cardboard (I used a cereal box)
Paper (I used book pages)
Glue (I used Mod Podge)
Knitting needle or other hard, pointy object
Sewing pin

This project is part of my Creative/Destroyable Books series. See other book crafts {here}.

Trace the shape of the necklace display onto the cardboard.
The front of the cereal box will be the front of the display. Line up your drawing so that the folds of the cereal box align with the folds of the finished display.
Click the image to enlarge it. Hopefully that will help you see the placement and shape of the template. You just have to wing it. Remember, it's just a cereal box and it costs nada, so don't be afraid to mess up.
(After I finished this project, I saw a similar type of DIY display that has a printable template for making the flat shape. Check it out here.)

Cut out the shape that you drew.
Note that my drawing included curvy lines-- don't cut those out, leave those marking for later.

Roll it into a somewhat round shape so that it stands on its own.
(Sidenote: see those toliet paper rolls? I made some pretty cool wall art with them. Check it out here!)

Remember those curvy lines I told you not to cut out? Trace over them with a knitting needle. I found that I had to trace them over on the front and then again on the back.

The knitting needle dented the cardboard so that it is easy to fold the curvy lines back. This makes the display more stable and pretty.

Secure the back with tape.
The Cheerios box isn't exactly pretty, now is it? Let's resolve that.
Grab a Destroyable Book and tear out some pages.
Then tear up the pages.:)
Decopauge the paper bits onto the Cheerios box necklace display.
(Put on a layer of glue, set down a piece of paper, put more glue over that, overlap another piece of paper, etc, etc.)

I thought that the book pages stood out too much, so once the glue had dried, I painted on a light layer of white gesso (acrylic paints works too).
Chainmaille cross necklace. . Email me if you want to know why. 
Ta-da! A beautiful, DIY necklace display.
(And in my opinion, book pages are waaaaaay cooler than the boring black velvet and stark white plastic that I saw in the Land of a Great Many Supplies).
Rivendell Twilight necklace. For sale {here}.

P.S. Sorry this is a day late. As I mentioned in my last post, I am being haunted by the evil Blue Screen of Death and the computer is being pickley. :)
By the way, a question for you dear blog readers: should I keep doing Sketchbook Tours? I have several more videos made, but my four most recent sketchbooks haven't been filmed yet.

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  1. Wow ten times prettier then u could find in any store!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very creative! A perfect display device.

  3. VERY clever and create way to repupose an item!

    xo Lynda

  4. oh wow!! very innovative!! lovely idea!! :-)

  5. This is great--wonderful tutorial too!

  6. This site has a lot of very helpful information on it. Cheers for helping me.

  7. Thanks for posting this, I made one last night. I used aged sheet music paper on mine and I really like the way it turned out. As the others have said it is way prettier than the plain black velvet ones at the store. You would never know it was made out of a cereal box. LOL...I also used a Cheerios box.

  8. Hi,thanks just made and will cover with music manuscript.Fits great for my recycled theme in my craft jewellery stall.
    Really unique


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