Sketchbook Tour-- Frodo Baggins

September 06, 2011

If my last post, full of recent drawings, is not enough art for you... here's the latest sketchbook in my Sketchbook Tours! All drawings done by an 11-12 year old me.

Why did I name this sketchbook Frodo Baggins? Well, Frodo Baggins is far more interesting than Sketchbook Number Five from Five Years Ago. Plus, there is a drawing of Frodo Baggins on the last page, and it is a drawing that I was/am very proud of.

(wow-- has it seriously been five years since I drew in this sketchbook? It feels like yesterday. Goodness. I'm 16. I shouldn't be feeling like an old lady).
I was not feeling the best when I made this video. This means there is a distinct lack of goofiness...
A good rule of thumb: If I am not hyper/goofy/crazy, I am generally sick/tired/doing school/cleaning.

Hopefully my cute little brother's appearance will alleviate your misery concerning my obvious lack of insanity.

P.S. Perhaps one of my technical-minded readers could explain to me why all of my videos have a large black border around them when I upload them to YouTube?

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  1. I just found your blog through your comment on Random Interesting Stuff. I'm Catholic, home-schooled, and a LOTR geek too. :) You are awesome at art. I'm twelve, and my blog's


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