Mary Poppins

September 30, 2011

Just some proof that I do occasinally fail at artwork.

Even artwork that I spend a couple hours on.

I think I still like the colorful, drippy watercolors... but the subject placement is really awkward.

And I still need to learn how make my hand do colorful, drippy watercolors the way that my mind pictures them. :) I only unpacked the watercolors a couple months ago (and over half of the tubes were unopened and unused), so I think this just needs more work and practice.

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  1. Fail?!!? Are you kidding?!?! I LOVE this! It is just like Burt's chalk drawings in the rain... You're so meta...

  2. Are you kidding me?!? I LOVE this! It reminds me of Burt's chalk drawings after the rain. Well done!

  3. Hahaha...No. I would totally frame this. Sure, not everything is centered, but it makes the picture more interesting in this instance. I love the colors. Don't discard it!

  4. Lovely! Reminds me of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's illustrations.

  5. Gosh.. this is lovely!! :-) I loved this film!!

  6. I too am an artist. I have found water colours to be a rather tedious and painful way of painting. But, I do indeed have a trick to share with you that you might find serviceable.

    Whilst you are bringing out your paints, also select a waterproof pen. This is exceeding important, it must also be ebony.

    Visualize what you wish to draw in tremendous detail within your head, then sketch your concept onto the paper with a graphite pencil, using a 2H. Make sure to do every line which will be seen, including the face.

    In the wake of this, outline your light sketch in the waterproof pen of which we have already spoken.

    Once you have done this, wait a quartet of minutes before erasing your graphite outlines.

    Then, employing very light touch of paint of your selected colour, being filling in the centre of your outlines. Then, you shall do the same around the edges in a darker hint of the same colour.

    This way of watercolouring reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. I thoroughly enjoy implying it to the different things I have completed.


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