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May 04, 2012

I know that several of my blogging friends have my button on their sidebar. If you do, please take a moment and see if it has gotten blown up to a strange size. You can replace it with the button below.

Lately I've been haunted with technical failures. Being the computer geek that I tend to be, you'd think I wouldn't have difficulties with things like uploading images.

For some reason, Blogger and Picasa won't recognize image files that I design in Adobe Illustrator, even if they are saved a JPEG or PNG image files. All of my logos, ads, banners, etc, are made in Illustrator.

I used a website called ImageShack to upload these images. Recently, however, I've noticed that several of the images hosted there have grown to disproportionate sizes. I've been systematically deleting these image or uploading them to Photobucket.

(Why didn't I use Photobucket from the beginning? I'd seen too many of those "Photobucket: We're sorry, this image or file has been moved or deleted" error signs on too many blogs before. Plus, they have video ads with loud noise. Nothing is quite so lovely as waking up early to work on the blog and then waking up the whole house with a blaring commercial about some new cell phone.)

Today I was writing a new post when I realized that my blog button image was messed up. I apologize very much to everyone who was kind enough to put this image on their own blog.

Do any of you happen to know why Blogger won't accept certain images? Images edited or built in Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop work wonderfully. However, anything built or edited in Adobe Illustrator is hit and miss. My error code is: "File must be an image or video." I've tried exporting .ai files/artboards as JPEG, PNG, and GIF, to no avail. Taking these images into Photoshop, Corel, or Windows Paint and re-saving or saving under a new name does not help. The only solution I've found is to open the image in Windows Paint and save it as a GIF under a new name-- but that loses a significant amount of color information and it completely unwieldy.

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  1. Oh im sorry to hear you are having technical difficulties! (i HATE those!)I looked at the button on my blog and it looks fine though:)

  2. I always take my Illustrator-exported jpegs into Photoshop, and resize them to 72dpi and watermark them there, and save them afresh. That might be the way to go, I haven't had any problems like you state with my vector illustrations (although often blogger is veeeery slow, but that doesn't seem to be limited to any one file type) Few things are so annoying as inexplicable technical glitches! =(


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