T-shirt Ruffle Scarf {Tutorial}

May 23, 2012

Please excuse the horrible picture quality! This is what I get for trying to do a craft tutorial after dinner on a winter evening! 

My best attempts to get pictures of me wearing the scarf.
I saw this project on Pinterest and decided to give it a shot, because I love scarves. Scarves = yayness!

And this requires NO sewing skills. :)

I used two old soccer t-shirts (women's medium). I think that if you had a plain-colored t-shirt, you could use a single shirt to make a scarf. 

However, I wanted to avoid the vinyl-like lettering on both the front and back of the tees, which meant I had very little material to work with. My final result was a little skinner, flatter, and shorter than I wanted-- three shirts would have worked better for me.

The first step is to cut off the bottom hem and cut out a bunch of circles from the tee.

Cut each circle into a spiral.

Lay these ruffly strips out in a row. As I said, my scarf turned out short and limp. You can tie or glue strips together to make extra-long ones, and add in more strips from other t-shirts.

Tie the strips together with another strip of material.

The infamous self-portrait-in-the-bathroom. 

This is probably the fastest and easiest thing ever! We have a giant pile of old sports and event t-shirts out in our rags box (families of eight tend to get a lot of those things), so there may be more of these in store. :) We'll see how often I wear this first, though.

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