May 09, 2012

We got a new video camera that I had to try out. This one is digital!!! No more broken tapes and humming noises!

I'm rubbish in front of a camera. Please pretend that I actually bothered to fix the half-bun that fell out while I was exercising, and that I put on makeup. Please also pretend that I don't have blue acrylic paint all over my arm. (Does anyone know a good way to remove acrylics? It's been two days and soap isn't helping. It's strange.)

I'm not sure why, but if I open the video with Google Chrome, the colors are severely distorted. Let me know if the video is behaving oddly for you.

I think I've convinced myself to never again wind up in front of a camera; I probably just wasted five minutes of your life. *ears turn red* On the other hand, you got sneak peeks for some new jewelry!

I'm disappearing from the blog for about a week in order to work on Ink and Fairydust and final exams. Wish me luck!

P.S. That cute brooch on my cloche (cloches are way cooler than fezzes, tell me you get the reference!) is from Mary's shop, Snowflakes and Clockwork.

Post-post-script: THANK YOU all so very much for the lovely comments you've been leaving me. I rarely say thanks-- so thank you, thank you, danke schoen! Each little note makes my day lovelier and you all have given me so much support and encouragement!

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  1. lol... You're not un-photogenic, you're very cute. :) I like your vlogs.

    As for that hairstick...I want one. Is it in your shop yet?

  2. Oh I love your vlogs! You should make more!!

  3. Treskie-- Thank you. :) And yes, it is! Here's the link:


    Lena-- If I were to make more, what should I talk about?

  4. That made me giggle.
    Thanks for the shout-out! Your cloche looks just like my sister's--did you get it at Target?

  5. That had to of been the cutest video I have watched in awhile. I guess I never realize how young you were until now. I also love the picture of prince caspian in the background. I love watching all you create and my sisters both loved the peices I bought them for christmas.
    Keep Smiling!

  6. Mary-- You're welcome! No, I got it at Kohls. Probably the same brand, though. I was super excited that it fit (I have a big head).

    Jenni-- Thanks! Did you know that the Prince Caspian picture is autographed? EEEEEEeeeeeeeep! I've got Lucy and Edmund, too!

  7. Well....You could do a room tour, you could show your jewelry collection, you could talk about...HATS! Yes, I too am in LOVE with your cloche!

  8. I love your cloche! I have two. :D Love the Doctor Who reference.

    You are awesome!! :) Enjoyed this so much.

  9. Gulping. Gargoyles. That was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever. IN MY LIFE. Shaylynn, I love you. And your jewelry. And your room. And your cool cloche. And your vlog! Ok, this is going to sound really weird, but that was actually very inspiring. I've been thinking of doing a scripted video diary in a character (say, Anne Shirley?) but since I don't have much experience with them I was worried it would come across as too "acted." But you are just so sweet and sincere and fun that I think I'll be channeling a lot of you. Also, fantabulous new jewelry. I'm going to need to get me one of those hairsticks sometime. And a new rosette ring, since I still can't find mine! *sniffle* Speaking of which, how do I go about this custom order? Do I just wait til you list it on the store and then pay for it or what? And I am sending pictures of that beading. Ok, sorry about the really long comment, don't bother replying here just shoot me an email, and I'm shutting up now. Toodles!

  10. Okay, so I am pretty much dying of awe that you HAVE AN AUTOGRAPHED PRINCE CASPIAN PICTURE?!?!?!!!!!! :D And I love the Dr. Who reference.... even though I've never even seen one second of the show. :P Comes from knowing so many Whovians.... :P

    Also, I love love LOVE your Shadow of the Bear poster!!! :D

    And, your vlog was really fun! I was laughing, you are really funny!

    And I'll stop now...... :P


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