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May 16, 2012

Just a bit of peddling and some shameless self-promotion today, but it comes with a bunch of eye candy, so come along for the show! *starts humming a festive tune*

Firstly, don't forget that my summer clearance sale is only good through Monday, May 21st!

25% all items in the sale category!
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Here's a link to the sale category. (Everything with that orange sale tag).

I finally got around to perfecting my recipe for ear cuffs. Turns out all I needed was a dash of pixie dust and a sprinkle of aha! seasoning.

I've listed several ear cuffs in the Shoppe, including a pair of cuffs-- perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to earrings or clip-on earrings. Click through for more pictures, to see how they are worn.

Ear cuff set with interchangeable dangles, well over 10 ways to wear...
This one gets a touch of whimsical steampunkery.
This weekend one of my friends invited me to the Six Flags amusement park. I wore one of the tiny ear cuffs (like this one, only brown), and it stayed in all day, except for the times when I took it off so that other people could wear it. I had sooooo much fun.

In response to those who asked me here on Blogger or via my Twitter and Facebook: do I plan on making an ear cuff tutorial? Yes. Just not right now. Tutorials can take me up to five hours to make, and I still have several weeks of school left.

I also made some more copper hair forks! This is another thing that stays in all day when you wouldn't expect it to-- one hair fork will hold in a bun of my shoulder-blade length hair for hours.

Czech glass leaf beads are some of my favorites. You've seen me use them in the Evenstar Necklaces and Enchanted Forest Earrings, and now I'm weaving them into flowers galore. I recently uploaded three floral necklaces and two earrings!

Personally, I don't wear big, dangly earrings on an everyday basis. This might come as a surprise, considering that I love making big dangly earrings and would make them on a daily basis if I could. I don't have the supplies to make stud earrings, so I once again put those Czech glass beads to work. The pictured earrings are extra-delicate, made from miniature leaf beads that I recently discovered. :) I made pairs in six colors for myself,! One for every day of the week, with big earrings for dressing up on Sunday, lol!

There's tons more but I don't want to bore you-- and I'm off to study for a History test and finish up Ink and Fairydust and maybe find time for some more crafting. :)

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