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December 12, 2012

Two of my friends run a Your Little Princess Costume Design, and they are having an awesome Christmas special for one lucky Princess!

More info on this Your Little Princess Costume Design giveaway here. The lovely pictures below are just a small sampling of the designs they customize!


You can also find them on facebook and keep up with Elena (the seamstress) at the lovely Confessions of a Seamstress blog. She usually posts pictures of commissions in progress, and the detail, quality, and creativity are just astounding! You can also see all of the adult size costumes that she makes!


Amanda, the other member of Your Little Princess Costume Designs is also selling soap that her family makes! Check them out at The Goats Milk Soap Shop!


On a totally unrelated note, I hope to be back to regular arts-and-crafts posting soon. I've been completely overwhelmed with school and being weirdly sick (for instance, a very sore throat followed by no less than three days of horrible hiccups) , but in the next two or three weeks I should be back to full swing. :) 


I was going to do a blog series leading up to the premiere, but alas, life has a way of gobbling up time faster than a Troll can eat the shin of your 'nuncle Tim! But I'm not done with the linky love-- check out The Unexpected Party over at Arda Nessima. Not only is she writing some lovely LotR posts, but a little rumour has reached my ear that a certain giveaway is going on in the next couple of days.

I can't wait for the Hobbit The Hobbit The Hobbit The Hobbit THE HOBBIT! We are going in costume and we shall have a blast and we shall be oh, so tired the next day!

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