Evenstars of Undomiel

February 26, 2010

Evenstars-- click on picture for more detail
Well, I have finally gotten around to updating. :) Theses are from my teaser.

Here are my Evenstars! (I've since given most of them away). The white one is actually the cheap $3 Halloween version that I refinished.

The gold evenstar on the left is made out of Sculpey Clay. I lay my evenstar on top of the clay, cut it out with a toothpick, pressed glass beads into the clay, pressed a wire loop in, and etched the designs. Then: I baked it! Voila! Were I to do it again, I would make the back more like the one in the movies, with a leaf design that stretches all the way to the back.

The very middle necklace is the very first Evenstar I ever made. It is part of my still-mostly secret Halloween costume (see here and here). The rest are the same, with different colors and some modifications to be sturdier.

The Evenstar Gallery
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The Front
The Back
Variation-- "Fair Isle" Flower

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  1. Lovely! I will be headed out to the craft store very soon to get the right wire for this project!=)


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