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February 11, 2011

You're going to be seeing much non-jewelry random-craftiness around here.

Do you know why?

Because, dear Fairy People, you expressed interest in how I'm decorating!

I'll introduce you to my bedroom first. Then comes the craft room. :)

Now, I was very excited about moving to our new house. My bedroom, which I share with my 7 year old sister, is very big. I wanted to decorate our room just like Arwen's from Lord of the Rings.

(pics here and here)
(More inspiration HERE, elf room in Rivendell.)
Very Art Noveau.

Then came some hitches in my "plan." I realized how much it would cost (waaaay too much). My sister didn't like the idea too much. And my parent's weren't big on me going decorating-overboard when I will be moving out for college in a couple years.

So... new plan! Our bedroom has become the furniture cast-off room. Anything old or unwanted or scratched gets to come in here.

Top: First couple of weeks at the new house. We were orginally going to keep it like this and jigsaw some headboards for the beds.

Below: In the process of moving furniture around

I get to do whatever I want to the room! 

In the spring Dad will help me paint the furniture (not the walls, though, but I do have a mural planned).

Addie and I have a color scheme. Thankfully we both love blue, she can stand green, I can stand purple, and cream is pretty basic and girly.

Other than that, our room will be a true mash-up. I want Elvish, she wants Princess. I also like your typical bright, bold, teen designs, while she favors the pastel little girl look.

We also have some Chinese decorations that Dad brought back from a business trip, so we've got an Asian look going. Plus some shabby chic and "wrought iron."

We're going to have it all!

Hopefully the color scheme will hold it together, but you know what? That's not the goal. We just want a fun and beautiful room to enjoy! Who cares if it is eclectic? (Haha, I mistyed that as "electric.")

People are always telling me that they don't know where I get my talent. No one else in my family is particularly good at arts and crafts. (Aside from my grandma, who only did a little bit.)

Well, I know where I get it! (At least the creativity part). DAD. He's an engineer with the biggest imagination in town.

Adelynn's "Princess Tower Bed" with a "dungeon" underneath is made from an old bunk bed. Dad had built it for my brothers years ago but it was in bad shape.

So he turned it into a loft bed and perched it (screwed it) on top of a dresser we got from the old Newman Center when they were demolishing it.

Yes, that furniture need PAINTED. I do not want dark green. :D

I've still got my pastel fairy quilt. :) Dooooon't like pastels but it's still pretty. Adelynn's just-begun dollhouse is on her desk.

Here is my school desk and bookshelf. I homeschool and do all of my work in my bedroom.

Funny story-- the bottom two shelves of that dresser are full of doll clothes and accesories. My grandma likes to sew doll clothes... alot. :D

And the side is entirely covered with stickers (Addieeeeeee!) which I can't seem to get off.

And the window shades are both broken, but maybe fixable.

And the bullein board squares? A $5 find at Staples, because it was a bit beat up.

Now, as far as decorating our bedroom goes, it's going to be DIY. I'm just a teenager with no job aside from my jewelry Shoppe (and I probably won't have a job for a long time; Dad prefers the idea of summer college classes over a boring summer job that doesn't pay all that much, and I actually agree).

I don't like to bug my parents to buy every neat thing I see (um, rephrase that, I'm not allowed to pester and I know better than to eye the expensive stuff).

So I am going to decorate with CRAFTS! And ART! And.... it's just HAPPINESS!

There aren't going to be any "after" pictures. It's an ongoing process and I'm going to keep making stuff for forever, I'll never be "done." Not knowing me!

You will be seeing all these crafts all over my blog soon. :) 

The Craft Room/ Art Studio

 Yes, I tend to make a mess.

(So, remember how I made a v-log a couple of months ago? I was going to show you the craft room but decided the video was too long. So now you get to see that footage. Excuse the UMMMMM at the end.)

(If you can't see the video-- for some strange reason, it's not embedding the right way-- you can see it HERE.)

Here you can see part of the basement. We've built a double-sided "wall" of bookshelves in the middle of the basement, and you can see part of it here. You can also see how we dry out our snowclothes. :)

...and... that desk and all the mess is my "studio!"

 I cleaned up a bit:

OK, so the craft room is not mine. I'm the only one who uses it, though. :)

Would you believe that we got the nice, big Jeep desk for free? The people who owned the house before us no longer wanted it.

This is where I do all jewelry, crafts, and art.

I'm going to be sharing cheap, easy, and (hopefully) creative organization tips on the blog!

My first tip-- to stick the lightbox ontop of the bookshelves. It frees up lots of space on the desk.

Also, don't leave cardboard boxes on the floor. Because then the basement might flood when the well goes crazy and then you'll have a mess to clean up and it will smell like mold.

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to see the posts about my bedroom and the craft room! (The link will automatically update with any new posts).

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  1. A very neat post Shaylynn! :) I wish I had a big bedroom, mine is tiny and I share with my older sister.

  2. Ooh, what an awesome bedroom! My older sister (who's 15) and I share a room, too. My sister loves to paint and she might paint some scenes from the Lord of the Rings to decorate our room! :-)

  3. I love your sister's tower, that was a great idea!

    I share a really small room with my sister, and where we live we can't have basements because of the ground shifts. So I am confined to my room for my painting. When we were buying furniture for our room, we went to Ikea and bought two small, white secretaries, which came with a little white bench. I love the bench- it opens up and has a huge storage area. I got an extra basket from one of the closets, put my paints and color wheels in it (and the towels that I am to use). I also got one of those paper holder thingy-ma-bobs and put unused paper in there. I got a binder with a little paper slot in it to hold my paintings that I have already done (I use acrylics on water color paper, I know, I'm bad) and put my huge sketch book in it and there was this rubber band type thing to wrap around it, so it keeps the sketch book contained (that's saying something though).

  4. Hi!
    Good luck! Room decor is so much fun! Btw, Pottery Barn teen style seems (at least to me) very similar to what you were describing. Their prices are really high, but I love looking at the pictures of their girls' rooms for inspiration. Here a link (copy and paste)if you're interested:

  5. I do all my schoolwork in my room, too. And my room is always cluttered and know how sometimes in movies they'll show the "messy teen room" with clothes flung all over the floor? That pretty much describes my room. I blame it on all my studying - all working and no cleaning.(:

    Maybe your organization tips will help me out. ^^

  6. I know, I'm so lucky to have a big bedroom. :)

    Emily-- your room sounds neat! I used to do all my art and jewelry in my old room until Mom and Dad discovered that it makes perpetual mess. :)

    Elsie-- ooooooooh! Inspiration galore!

    Vicki-- um.... I don't profess to be at all organized...

    You want to know a secret?

    To take that picture of my bedroom, I pulled two baskets of laundry and a half-unpacked moving box out into the hallway. ^_^ I also shoved a stack of papers into my sock drawer and my sister's Kelly dolls into a desk drawer.


    Yeah... not always organized. But new house=fresh start and at least I'm doing better than I did at the old house!


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