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February 21, 2011

Hi, there, Fairy Peoples!

Well, I've been pretty busy lately with life. You know, school and making new friends and visiting old friends and last-minute get-togethers with relatives.

I really should start scheduling my posts, so that I can write up three or four when I have time, and set them to automatically publish.

In any case, I have a very fun craft project (with a tutorial! Shiny!). Gotta snag a couple more pictures. You should see it sometime on Wednesday.

Now we get to the point of this post-- have any of you heard of the Google Art Project?

Check it out HERE.

Google has teamed up with a bunch of museums. They have extremely high-rez pictures of artwork. You can zoom in and see the tiniest details! Even individual brushstrokes!

One thing that cracks me up is that they have an interactive virtual tour of some museums (I especially like the tours when the building itself is a masterpeice on par with the artwork it displays).

You can even go out in the street at one museum and see a vendor selling some kind of yummy-looking food. :)

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