Wish List Of Useful Thingies

February 26, 2011

Everyone has their wish lists... As I've been working on jewelry and researching techniques, I've run into quite a few things that I wish I had. Some would let me do new techniques, some would lessen the difficulty of the designs that I make.

Shealynn's Wish List of Useful Jewelry Things 
In no particular order, except #1

1. Unlimited time, supplies, and $$$.

2. Real chainmaille pliers
Yes, I do chainmaille without the proper pliers.

I actually only have two pair of pliers-- threaded needle nose (I cover the plier tips with duct tape to protect the wire), and a flat nose from Dad's toolbox (the tip is bent!). Pliers are going to be the next tool I invest in.

3. Wire Jig/ WigJig
No more headaches from twisting the wire freeform with pliers!

4. Jewelry anvil and hammer

For hardening and flattening wire

5. Other pliers

True jewelry pliers... Including flush wire cutters and (not pictured here) the thing that smooths the ends of wires, nylon jaw, split ring, and crimp. 

6. A mandrel
For making rings
7. Metal file

Obviously for filing metal down

8.  Oxidizer Gel

 Antiquing metal and giving it that "oomph" of dimension.

9. Watch repair kit (aka, Watch Taker-Aparter)

 Especially that tool that removes the backs of watches. I've found several dead watches that I want to take apart for steampunk but can't... because I can't get the backs off.

10. Soldering gun!

Dad probably has one, but I want to learn how to use it. Just imagine the awesome wirework jewelry I could make!

11. Metal stamps (and the metal or precious clay to do it on!)

12. Magic gloves to keep my fingers from getting beat up.

Of course, these are just the tools that have popped off the top of my head, because of the specific jewelry I'm working on right now (wirework). Next week when I'm off on a new craze (because my crazes go in cycles, I don't do everything at once), I'll probably come up with even more. :)

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  1. *sigh* Yeah....in my dream studio I'd have torches and lots and lots of pretty rocks and metal and other nice things.

    My other studio would have lots of space and a couple of stretcher frames so I could work on multiple pieces in a day and not have to tear down every night.

  2. Mmmmm.... that sounds great, doesn't it? *sigh*



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