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February 04, 2011

Because I didn't feel like titling this post " New I&F Issue and Not-So-Craftsy Updates."

Do you like King Arthur, Camelot, and Valentine's Day?

Then you really, really need to check out the latest issue of Ink and Fairydust!

For those who don't know, Ink and Fairydust is a free Christian teen e-magazine full of faith and creativity.

I've been working very hard on I&F as a... *drumroll, please* comic strip writer, illustrator, webmaster, assistant photographer, assistant graphics artist, occasional article author, and ex-column writer. (The "Artist's Corner" column is discontinuted.)

Kinda proud of the "Lady of Lancelot" background. (Uh, not dishing for compliments! Just letting you know that is a very complicated type of background to make and I'm glad it worked!)

Speaking of comics and illustrations, we have new openings! I can't do all the artwork... :)

Ink and Fairydust is looking for a second cartoonist and a part-time illustrator!

Now for some tons of updates (and lots of questions for you, dear Fairy Peoples):

AmandaBeth is generously hosting my giveaway! Please be sure enter, and visit her blog (which is spectacular).

Since the giveaway went live (just three days ago!) I've gotten 30+ new followers. (That 100 follower goal doesn't look so far off now!)

New followers, I hope you'll be sticking around! :) I post about practically everything art-related here... from jewelry to tutorials to crafts to photography to art... Check out my previous posts to see what I've been up to lately!

I have several tutorials up my sleeve! (Yeah. We'll pretend I have a magician's sleeve, k?) Only a couple for jewelry-- but I've been systematically destroying Unwanted Books from the Thrift Store Sale and making Awesome Crafts out of them. You know that has to be good. :)

Would you be interested in having a linky at the end of each tutorial, so you can share crafts that you've made with that tutorial? I'm also thinking about making a tutorial navigation page.
I've also been doing lots of decopauge. I've been in a crafty mood lately... It's like a disease, it totally takes over...

I've gone all crafty and have been decorating my bedroom and the "craft room"... decorating with crafts. :) Would you like me to blog about that?

Check out the Uncommon Sense podcast!
I recently made several graphics for them. I do so love the Chesterton Society, and I'm going to be able to go to the Conference this summer!
(G.K. Chesterton has got a place on my bookshelf right next to Lewis, Tolkien, and Jane Austen.)

A sample of some of the graphics

How is the blog loading for you all? I've been adding many new features, and want to make sure I'm not overloading it.

How is the Faerie Blog loading?

Who's ready for Valentine's Day?
We don't do much around here... but my little sister is having her Little Flowers group (kinda like Catholic girl scouts) over on Valentine's day.

I've also been making Valentine's-themed jewelry-- all available in the Shoppe! Please be sure to order soon so it will reach you in time!

(Did I mention that any pre-Valentine's Day orders get a special little treat in the package?)
I'm not saying what it will be... Nope, it's not this necklace. :) But something just as good...

And just a little update on life around here: za basement flooded this morning (well, the entire concrete floor got damp) because our water softener drain froze and the emergency drain spilled. So.... the craft room is not really useable at the moment. I'm also hoping our giant wall of bookshelves isn't hurt.

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  1. Ink and Fairydust sounds like an amazing magazine...(:

    & yes! you should totally blog about your room and crafty decor.(: I love reading about that kind of stuff.

  2. About GKC - Wow! Austen, Tolkien, Chesterton and Lewis are my favorite authors too! :O Awesome about the conference! I want to go too. Love the graphics!

  3. Was the Lady of Lancelot background the one behind words from the editor? It's very pretty! I loved this month's comic as well. Have you read Chesterton's the Club of Queer Trades? It's a really good read, rather similar to the Father Brown mysteries.
    If you like I can lend it to you.

  4. Vicki-- it is, if I may say so myself. :)

    I'm thinking I shall! So long as I don't bore you all to death...

    Mirfain-- ooooh, I hope you can go, we should try to meet up if you do!

    Elsie-- you DO know where the conference will be, right? Wanna go with me? :)
    Yes, I've read that, but it was a year ago and I should go read it soon! Right now I'm reading Nottingham Hill (or whatever it is, I can never remember the correct name).


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