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May 19, 2011

*fangurl squeal*

Have you seen the new behind-the-scenes video for The Hobbit? You can watch it right here if you haven't:

Here is the Hobbit Movie News website. It sounds like they are changing things up from the books a bit... adding in more of the stories happening at Middle Earth during the time of the Hobbit (not just telling the Hobbit story). They started filming a couple months ago. I can't wait can't wait can't wait for this movie!

This brings back so many memories... makes me want to re-watch The Lord of the Rings ...makes me marvel at how much detail is in the set and how little you actually get to see in the movies (just look at that Rivendell!) ...and got me into a full-blown inspirational swing.

I'm now re-addicted to Elvish designs.

Last month was good for sales, so I had a bit of extra money to spend on the Shoppe. I splurged on new (albeit a wee bit more expensive) colors and styles of my favorite Czech glass leaf beads.

I'll take you through a picture tour of some of my new designs! (I say some because these are just the items that I have actually taken the time to photograph and upload to the Shoppe... and I still have plenty of beads left!)

Please have a peek at these new designs! Click each image to see more and larger pictures of the jewelry!

My Evenstar design has always been very popular. I rarely make the same exact Evenstar more than once (unless it is a custom order)... This one is reversible. One side is a shiny gold-green, and the other a pale sage. It features little swirls, genuine Swavroski pearls, and a 3-strand-half-braided ribbons in matching colors.

I've figured out a much prettier and sturdier way to make my second most popular design-- Enchanted Forest Earrings. 

So... I made Evenstar/Forest Earring sets! This one is reversible-- one side iridescent blues, and the other deep midnight tones. Also, check out the star beads on the Evenstar... aren't they exquisite? I was so happy to find them on sale!

Another Evenstar/Forest Earrings set... in Pixie Pink. With pink wire, oh yeah!

And now for some Evenstar variations! Arwen's Evenstar has more of a "droplet" look than my twist on the Evenstar. The above is my attempt to replicate the shape in the original Evenstar.

btw, just for fun, here is a picture of the Evenstar necklace from the movies:

I took the techniques that I use to make Evenstars and combined them with some brand-new and pretty difficult wirewrapping techniques that I just figured out. 

Click for bigger pictures-- I learned how to weave wire, attach beads ontop of leaf beads, and create a "zig zag" wire filler.

When I got the new leaf beads and had so many pretty colors and new techniques to work with, I just had to experiment! The above is a pretty, freeform pink and purple necklace.

Another freeform Elven/fairy necklace... It's all swirly. :)

FYI, several of these new experimental designs are OOAK (one of a kind, meaning I will never make them again)-- especially these freeform necklace. They were fairly difficult to make, using special beads, and there is no way I can replicate them exactly.

So, if you do get one of these, you'll be assured that you'll be the only one with that style necklace! And if one of these designs sells but you want a copy... I can't do it. I can do something inspired by the original design, perhaps similar, but won't be able to replicate it.

Hair combs! I looooove hair combs and was so glad to be able to make them!

Another new technique-- I've figured out how to form the Czech leaf beads into a flower!!! This necklace features details all the way up the string, and it is reversible. That means that it was alot harder to make... but I'm so happy to have figured it out! ...it "only" required breaking two of my beads...

This sweet little pendant combines my new wire weaving techniques and the leaf-beads-into-pretty-flowers-thing.

Ohmygoodness. I was so tempted to keep these earrings for myself (I wound up making myself some in a different color).

I figured out a very pretty way to wirewrap leaf beads (leftover ones that I don't have enough of that color of to make other Elven designs).

The ear wires are Elf-style earwires handmade by me. (Yes, I figured out how to make ear wires, harden them, and file the ends!!!).

The earrings look long, but that is just because they are so slender and elegant. They are actually shorter than my Enchanted Forest Earrings-- they are under 2 inches long total.

 I only had a little bit of pink wire left and decided to see if I could make even spirals, coils, and bead cages. Result-- pretty whimsical little things.

 I LOVE THE PARASOL! Is it bad to be so excited about something I made? 

I used all of my new techniques and it's so pretty. Pinks and golds... It looks like a parasol or seashell. And it's on one of of my 4-strand ribbons and hangs fairly long and I was so tempted to keep it for myself...

 A fairy bracelet cuff...

 Wirewrapped bracelet... My little sister called it a Princess Bracelet.

This bracelet features handmade wire beads! It's inspired by Steampunk, but I think it's also very fantasy looking, what'dya thunk?

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  1. Oh WOW. Just wow! I'm LOVING all that elven jewelry- you did a wonderful job on them! I think that freeform necklace is my favorite, though. :) Basically, I'll just be over here drooling. ;)

    And yup, I'm so excited about The Hobbit movie, too!

  2. ALL of those are utterly gorgeous. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I really want to buy some...

  3. Dobby's sock!! You are seriously my new best friend. I mean, we were friends before but this takes the cake. How on Middle Earth am I ever going to save up for my trip to New York when you keep posting things like THIS on you shoppe?!?!? By the way, I gave out some of your cards to my friends, and the other day one of them came to school wearing one of your necklaces! Very exciting. Ok, I'll stop ranting now: this is proof that A. The end of school is stressing me out and B. I should never be up past one in the morning.

  4. Shaylynn those are so BEAUTIFUL! Where do you by your leaf beads? You're making me drool.

  5. These are all so gorgeous! I honestly want to buy all of them, hahaha.

  6. oh my goodness i cant wait for that movie!!!!! i have got to get a credit card or get my mom to let me use hers so i can get sompthing from ur shoppe

  7. Aww, thank you, guys! I had so much fun making these. :)

    Carrots-- that is AWESOME! I'm honored. :)

  8. Though I'm not a LOTR fan (I know, I know!) The jewelery you created is beautiful and intricate. Well done!

  9. My goodness girl you got mad skills. Love love love it all.

  10. Love your blog!! I am definitely going to be your new follower :) I would love it if you followed me to @ for-the-luv-of.blogspot.com that would be great :) I am just starting out, but I am excited to share new recipes, crafts, and makeup.. And Giving away giveaways on mineral make-up!


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