An Autumn Wonderland

January 21, 2012

Several weeks ago, some good friends of mine agreed to be my guinea pigs and let me try my hand at photography. We took the opportunity to photograph some of my jewelry in action. This is just one of many photoshoots that we have since done (or plan on doing). Here are a couple of sneak peeks from the part of the shoot with the Evenstar necklace! I just fell in love with the lighting and leaves... I just might have taken more photos of the landscape than of the jewelry, which sort of defeats the purpose of taking photos of the jewelry. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this eye candy!

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  1. Your photos came out great. What camera did you use? :]

  2. Yay! I think it is very helpful to have photos of the jewelry on real models! I've done a couple photoshoots, so if you need some tips eel free to ask! :)

  3. Pretty! These all look awesome! ^^


  4. Ah, those are gorgeous! How come you're so good at everything, Shaylynn? ;)

  5. Taryn-- I use my grandparent's old point and shoot. It's a pretty good one, Canon Power Shot, I believe. :)

    And thanks, everyone! But thank my friends, too, for modeling and humoring me and everything. :)

  6. How beautiful! The lighting is perfect! Very coolio... and actually quite elvish. :)

  7. You are one talented young lady! Beautiful work!


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