Five Bits of Potentially Interesting Information

January 10, 2012

I never know what to title these "random posts" that are filled with "random updates," because the word random is no longer random and has, indeed, become annoying.

The first bit of potenially useful information: today is the last day to enter any of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! Hurry!

The second bit of potenially interesting information: I started school up again last week.

Okay, so that wasn't interesting at all. But I have to say it. It's my perfectly legitimate excuse for being a lousy blogger in the upcoming weeks. I'm doing a few too many honors classes for my sanity (nevermind that I'm also running the Shoppe, doing graphics for Ink and Fairydust, trying to exercise more, hanging with friends, spending time with my awesome family, cleaning my room.... etc... I'm trying to prove to you that I'm busy here).

I won't be posting every day; in fact, it may be more along the lines of once a week. There are some things-- alot of things... most things... in life that are more important than blogging frequently.

In other school-related news, I'm loving my Literature course. This year all my subjects are focusing on the Medieval Ages. (I am FINALLY done with Ancient Greece and Rome!) So far in Literature I've read everything from Beowulf to Dante's Divine Comedy to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight... and loved every minute of it. The next month will be spent on Chaucer and Shakespeare! *literature/history geek happiness*

However, the 3 essays a week may yet be the death of me.

Third bit of more-interesting-news-than-me-talking-about-school news: I've listed new items in the Shoppe!

Here's just a few of the new items. Browse the first 3 pages of the Faerie Shoppe to see more... and over the next week I plan on photographing the 10 or so things that I made over my lovely Christmas break!

Steampunk style necklace made with an old watch movement, watch face, used guitar strings, used violin strings, and bobbins from said instrument strings. Plus lots of faux garnet. Yummy.

Lembas Leaf Earrings, copper and my favorite beads EVER!

Guitar String Bangle

Blue Flowers

Woodland Leaves-- Made of very study solid copper and green seed beads. I plan on making this set in several colors-- imagine the glories of bright red autumn leaves!

Simply Elegant Copper Leaf Earrings-- a sturdy solid copper (oh my goodness it just about killed my fingers, but it makes for a long-lasting pair of lightweight earrings).

4th Bit of Potentially Interesting Information: I am INSANELY excited about the Hobbit movie.

I don't know why I just shared that picture-- it's blackmail footage right there!-- but you can see what I'm reading in my snippets of freetime. THE HOBBIT!

I want to read it a couple times over to solidify my mental images... just in case the movie isn't perfect. I'd forgotten what a genius Tolkien is... and I'd forgotten how much the Hobbit relies on witty style rather than interesting plotlines. :P

Then, watch the behind-the-scenes video blogs.

The fourth. (This one is pretty much my favorite, so much technical goodness!!!)
The fifth. (Wait, this may be the best so far... CUTE HOBBITS EVERYWHERE!)

Interesting Information Number 5:

I made an oil painting for my grandparents. Second oil painting ever! That stuff is hard.

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  1. Thanks for posting about the hobbit, I hadn't seen the last vid. I am sooo excited i cant express through words how happy i am only 38days 6 hrs 38 min!!!!!! Peter Jackson i my role model!!!!

  2. I LOVE the blue flower earrings! They are so exquisite! And that oil painting is fabulous -- great work!

  3. I adore your oil painting. Amazing job. And your jewelry is just so gorgeous. :)

  4. OH.MY.GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the movie looks SOO good! I am SO going to see it in theaters! I bet it will be the best one yet (it was my fav book)!!!
    LOVE the oil painting! Lovely!

  5. Gorgeous painting!!! you're so talented!!

  6. That oil painting is SO pretty! Make some for your shop, pretty please!

  7. (Tapping feet) WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ANNOUNCE THE GIVEAWAY WINNERS???????? Sorry but I'm just anxious to see if I won anything. :)

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Bridget-- unfortunately, I was having Blogger issues (had to post in the Help Forum and everything), but it's working again and I've listed the winners!


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