Fairy Tales and Eye Candy

January 28, 2012

The latest issue of Ink and Fairydust is finally here, and the theme is Fairy Tales! Read it right now:

If the embedded version isn't working, you can read it here:  http://issuu.com/inkandfairydust/docs/jan-feb

Of course, since I am the graphics designer and did all the layouts (whew!) I'm excited to show you the eye candy.

However, you definately need to make the time to read though all 54 pages of the magazine. If nothing else, bookmark the magazine and come back to it during every second of your free time. There are some absolutely wonderful articles, short stories, reviews, poetery, and more!

I'm also excited to announce that Mary Sullivan and Mary MacArthur have joined the team as illustrators-- they are far more experienced artists than I am and their work adds so much more fairydust to the magazine!

A bit about Ink and Fairydust:

"I&F is a free e-magazine inspiring faith and creativity."

The magazine started as a newsletter of the Fairy Tale Novels fan-forum. We were a bunch of young teenagers (and one college student) who loved reading, writing, and art. Our newsletter quickly took off and morphed into a full-blown magazine.

We write about everything from classic literature to pop culture, and everything is from a very Christian worldview. Now our staff is older (I am the only main staff member who is not yet in college), and our contributers are around14-20 years old.

Obviously we put a ton of hard work into each issue. We are hardworking and would love to get our work out there. However, since I&F is a free magazine... and all of us are teens and young adults... we have exactly $0 of advertising money. We rely solely on word-of-mouth.

So if you like this issue, please email your friends and family. Share it on your blog. Facebook it. Tweet it.

And if you are a teen or young adult, consider writing for us! I&F has grown a great deal over the past few months, and it would look great on scholarships or a resume. :) Plus it's just fun to see your work out there (and all prettied up by me).

Shoot us an email at ask@inkandfairydust.com with comments and suggestions. We LOVE to hear from readers. :)


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  1. It's beautiful, Shaylynn! I'm intending to blog about it when I get the time. I've procrastinated enough today by reading it all in one sitting. :p


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