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January 12, 2012

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I've saved up my money from the Shoppe and a couple of odd jobs here and there... and I finally bought a Wacom tablet! I went ahead and spent enough for the Intuos, since I plan on using this tablet well beyond high school-- certainly in college, since I'm planning on a graphics design major-- and probably on my future jobs!

This is my first-ever large purchase. :) I think the most expensive thing I've ever bought before this was around $30!

I love my tablet and I'm in the super-excited, bouncing-off-walls, hyper-dance mode.


I just had to immediately prove to the world (*cough* the tiny bit of the world who reads my blog, still a surprisingly giant amount of people) that 1) my new tablet is awesome, and 2) I CAN'T DRAW ON IT VERY WELL YET.

But this was my first drawing with it, so maybe there is hope for me yet!

(Sorry for all the caps. I'm excited.)

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  1. AHHHH EXCITING! *opens bottle of virtual champagne to celebrate*

    Also, your first drawing is so much better and more ambitious than mine. Kudos. It's adorable! :)

  2. How exciting! Very fun. My brother got a tablet for Christmas and he's loving it.

  3. Wow!!! That is definitely good! Especially for your first time using it! I don't think I could ever do that well. :P CONGRATS!!!!!! *shoots off a chocolate cannon to celebrate* :P

  4. Good for you saving up. I know this can be difficult at any age.
    My first major savings project took almost a year. I was a young single mother and wanted a good SLR camera. It was more than $600 and I of course wanted "extras."
    So I know you had to give up other good things to keep your mind on the prize.

  5. OOOOH, congratulations! Let me tell you, that is AWESOME for a first drawing. My younger brother has a tablet, and I tried it out - it's not so easy. Your lettering especially is awesome! I can't WAIT to see what else you draw with it!

    - Victoria

    PS - Now I feel like stealing my brother's. :p


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