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February 25, 2012

(if you are getting to this page from my sidebar button, I plan on writing up a new ad space page soon, as some of this info is outdated. -Shaylynn 01/02/13)

I am pleased to start offering affordable advertising space here on the Faerie Blog!

I love to help support small businesses, artists, crafters, bloggers, etc. :)

 The first few advertisers can get a special price of $5 for two months. The ads should be 125X125 pixels. Just email me at! My preferred payment method is paypal but I'll give you more details via email.

 Each month I will do a post featuring the sponsors.

I mostly blog about art, crafts, fantasy, tutorials, geekiness, jewelry, and whatever else strikes my fancy. (Mostly art and crafts, though.)

Please note that not all products or services are applicable or appropriate for the my blog and I reserve the right to decline anyone this service.

I've been pondering this decision for a while. Some of you may have noticed the ads that ran on my sidebar for the last month. Those were the sponsors from my big giveaway extravaganza. You can see them all at the bottom of this post.

The truth is, I spend a couple hours (several hours... too many hours) each week working on new craft projects, taking photos, editing photos, writing, networking, and more for this blog. I've made a bit of income with my Shoppe, but honestly I keep things at such decent prices there that I've never been able to "pay for" any of the time that I spend doing all this stuff. :) 

Additionally, and most importantly, I just discovered that I've used up almost all my free image hosting space. This means that I'm going to have to start paying out of pocket to bring you all the tutorials, crafts, artwork, etc, that I regularly blog about. I'm a teenager who doesn't have a job (yet) and simply can't justify spending my money on that. And so...

Since my blog has gotten quite big (by my standards at least!) over the past few months, I feel that I am finally in a position to offer advertising space!

I've been looking around at other bloggers, and many who have much smaller bases than mine are charging much more for advertising. I'm going to be upping the price to a more common $5/month or maybe $10/month soon, so the special price I mentioned above is a special price.

And now for some stats:
Last month I had just shy of 21,000 pageviews.
Currently I have 279 Blogger followers.
302 people who follow via Feedburner.
334 Facebook followers.

I'm also willing to host giveaways if anyone is interested. I'm going to keep it at a maximum of 2 giveaways a month, though.

And since I seem to always be pressed for time, I'd love it if anyone wants to do a guest post. :) I've had a few guest bloggers in the past, check them out here. (You don't have to have a blog of your own to guest blog). Just shoot me an email with your idea to shealynnsfaerieshoppe {at} I don't bite and will probably say yes.

If you would like to do an advertisement exchange, I'd be open to that... if your blog is about the same size as mine it would be beneficial to both of us.

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