Today, a Journal [Fail]

February 03, 2012

I've always admired the bloggers, a la aspire, who post beautiful photos from their everyday lives. My brain is currently infected with said gorgeous photos, so I drug (dragged?) my camera around with me all day. What follows are the salvagable photos... my own little fail in photojournaling, saved by my own little skills in photoshop. Most of the photos (particular the ones that I was fond of) turned out unusable due to dark, dreary Feburary light.

Oh, yes, it was one of those kinds of days.

I'm going to spare you the other five photos of my schoolbooks; one is quite enough to give you the idea of what I did most of the day.

Schoolwork was punctuated by some bedroom cleaning and laundry sorting.

I did have time to put the finishing touches on the most difficult bit of coding I've done yet. Ink and Fairydust is all shiny and pretty now. So is my drawing tablet-- it's still shiny and new because I have not had much time to work with it. The learning curve is huge.

Did you know that it is impossible to break a peice of spaghetti into two peices?

I learned this on Numb3rs.

It is true.


Dad was able to break a peice into two by pushing the ends together rather than pinching and pressing. I learned about moments and stress fractures and the way that compressing and stretching force goes in "waves" throughout a peice of spaghetti. It's really fascinating stuff and I will never look at a peice of spaghetti the same way again. I love my family. :)

I discovered that our wall clock is absolutely gorgeous.

I went out to practice unicycling for a bit, but it started to rain and I started to cough.

Then I kind of forgot to take any more photos.

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