Decorative Fan Pull {Tutorial}

February 02, 2012

Why doesn't love to add that little extra touch of sparkle to their room?

(Please tell me I'm not the only one).

A few months back, I made a decorative fan pull. It adds just a little sprinkle of beauty...


-a fan with pulls (or an old fashioned lightbulb with a string pull)
-pretty beads
-lobster clasps

cost: less than $5 for all new supplies, assuming you already have a fan

Start with boring old fan pulls (or outright missing fan pulls; one of mine broke off). Take them off.

Make a string of beads. If you want, you can literally use string. I made my strand of beads using a very simple wirewrapping technique.

One end of the strand should have a lobster clasp; the other should have about two inches of loose string attached to it.

Wrap that loose wire around the top part of the fan pull (the part that doesn't come out when you take the old pull off).

Use the lobster clasps to hang your favorite doodads!

Since I am big on making my room look Elvish, I hung my plastic Evenstar necklace on it. Now that I make my own jewelry I rarely wear it, but it is too geeky cool to leave inside a jewelry box.

Go crazy-- you can hang anything on these pulls! Necklace pendants, beads, gears, random objects...

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  1. Woah! cool I love you Diy!

  2. That's so cool! I've always wanted to fancy up my fan pull...I've tried tying plastic butterflies onto it, but it was a little scary to see this realistic-looking critter hanging over my bed. Beads are much more tame. Can't wait to try this when we move! (It's silly to do it here when I've only got around a month left...*sigh* My next bedroom better have a fan!)

  3. This is so neat! Now I wish I had a fan... :/ But I think this could also be cool to decorate those thingies on blinds (whatever you call those!).

    Thanks for the idea!!



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