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February 17, 2012

Please go visit the new and improved Ink and Fairydust website! I completely redid the design from scratch! It's far from perfect and will be seeing many more changes in the near future, but don't you think it's an improvement?

There were a couple of points where I felt like chucking things at the computer and giving up entirely... *grumbles about how unintuitive HTML and CSS are*  I talk to inanimate objects when they are being rude and objectional and uncooperative, and I'd imagine that anyone walking into the computer room would think I'd gone crazy.

Many thanks to Veraprise Inc/Chesterton Press for hosting our website, and to Mr. Andrew for helping me through a caching problem!

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  1. I think the new design is great! Very elegant and simple.

  2. Oh good, it's not just me! I talk to inanimate objects all the time, too.;D
    Great job! The simple format really invites one to focus on the magazine, while looking beautiful and professional at the same time.


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